Happy New Year

Here I am looking at the prospects of a new year and wondering how things are going to play out.  I used to paint furiously as many landscapes as I could to sell in the art galleries I have around the country.  My art was soft and simple, but it was satisfying to create because it reflected who I am as a person.  Now, I have slowed down to painting only several more complex paintings a year and the work still reflects who I am as a person, but on a much deeper level…and it is very satisfying.

This New Year will bring the release of three important new paintings I have had on the drawing board for a couple of years now.  Each is a completely unique concept that will cause people to think and feel something perhaps they haven’t felt before.

The purpose of my art is to testify of Christ, to embolden Americans to preserve their freedoms and to uphold the sanctity of our families. 

May your new year be blessed with love and courage in defense of God, family and country.

Happy New Year,
Jon McNaughton


You Cannot Be Silent

I was in my gallery on Saturday to try to give an extra hand because of all the Christmas shoppers.  We have a large six foot wide framed print of “The Forgotten Man” in the front of the store.  I like to sometimes watch people’s reaction as they see the painting for the first time. Regardless of who they are, they usually are taken back that somebody actually painted this image.  It is interesting to see how people fall into one of three categories:  They begin to nod their heads in agreement as they begin to decipher the painting.  Or they have a pained look on their face and walk away sometimes shouting out a few expletives.  Or they look at it and seem to say, “What does it mean?”

 Click on image to view interactive webpage

One man asked me, “Why do you have Obama standing on the Constitution?”  I responded, “Because I believe he has acted unconstitutionally since being in office.  After he pushed through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) last March I felt I had to paint this picture.”  He then said to me, “Give the poor man a chance, he’s only been in office two years!!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Give him a chance?  Obama has made it clear by his actions his regard for the Constitution.  On my website I listed the things he has done that I believe are unconstitutional.  Even the federal court in Virginia recently found Obamacare to be unconstitutional.  It will undoubtedly go to the Supreme Court by next year.

I also heard another person ask me, “What are the presidents looking at who are applauding?”  I responded that they are gazing out at their own vision of what they want America to become and they are looking away from the forgotten man.  I believe the uncontrollable spending and expensive welfare state we have will eventually lead to an economic collapse.

These are sobering thoughts and this painting is certainly divisive and disturbing to some people.  I knew it would be so when I painted it.  I want people to ask questions like the ones I stated above.  Our country is at a tipping point and we need to get up off our bench and do something!  When you show this image to others ask them to try to decipher what it means.  Have them go to the interactive website and read the history of what our presidents have done and what Obama has done.  Now is not the time to do nothing.  We cannot be silent.


Sitting on the Fence

I remember when I used to paint only soft and quiet landscapes.  Life was simple then.  I don’t do as many of those kinds of paintings anymore.  Today my time is spent researching and preparing epic size works that are more provocative in their message and statement.  I want to take a stand on issues that effect people.  I’m not concerned with political correctness.  As an artist, I need to be true to my heart.  My paintings are often divisive and I have been criticized for being such.  I think we are at a time when we cannot afford to not take a stand.  Our world is changing, and I’m not sure I like which direction this change is taking us.  I hope that people will ponder the message of these paintings and take the time to read what I have written about them. 

Currently I have at least twelve major paintings of the magnitude of “The Forgotten Man” and “One Nation Under God” which I plan to work on consecutively.  I want to stir the patriotic spirit of Americans and open the eyes of Christians and the importance of taking a stand wherever we are.

My new painting that I plan to release at the end of January will be my most important Christian painting.  The title will be “Via Dolorosa” which are the Latin words for “way of suffering.”  The painting will include over 100 figures from history which have either persecuted or defended Christianity.  The central figure represents the modern Christian which has to make a choice.  Will he stand up for what he believes, or will he remain silent? Too much is at stake to remain neutral.   I believe this will be the most comprehensive Christian painting ever created and with God’s help it will stir the souls of those are sitting on the fence.


You Must be a Racist

In the short two months since I released my new painting, “The Forgotten Man” it has received both praise and condemnation.  Usually when someone is upset with the painting it is because they believe Obama is above reproach or that I don’t place an equal share of blame on previous presidents.  Recently I had an angry fan on my Facebook write me a letter regarding my painting, “The Forgotten Man.”  Here is what he said:


I have always been a fan of your work but I just have to say the Forgotten Man really let me down. I think it's a racist painting and very disrespectful to any one who stands for change.....



I was dumb founded by his comment.  Why would anyone find the painting racist?  After the crushing debt that President Bush left us in 2008 I was hoping for some “change”, but not the kind Obama wants to give us.  Am I disrespectful for standing against a president who I believe is not keeping his oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?”  After reading his comment I assumed, well maybe he just didn’t get the painting, perhaps if he read my artist interpretations on my website he would see the truth.  I told him he needed to go to my website and do some research before he assumes that I am a racist.  Here was his response:


Yes I have done my research on YOUR site and read all of your EXPLANATIONS...of course you're going to say that this painting is NOT racist! Who actually would say that? You know as well as me the fallout you would have if you had stated that! As a NON WHITE person looking at your painting I find it very offensive and many others would agree....

If this is a non partisan painting why do you have Democrat presidents standing next to Obama and clapping but you have Reagan standing next to the man on the bench like he's trying to protect him? It just goes to show that white people still have a bad taste in their mouth due to Obama being elected and they'll go to ANY lengths into trying to bring him down.

After reading this I thought, Did he not see that I had BUSH standing right next to Obama?  Did he not read my criticisms of some of the Republican Presidents?  This is not a partisan painting.  It was clearly evident that he did not read the explanations and could not see past his own hate and prejudice.  There is not a single racist comment in any of my writing as I explained the meaning behind the painting.  Then he went on to say:

Hopefully you can paint that picture I suggested about George Bush stepping on New Orleans with a big grin on his face and have black people crying looking up at him....let's see what kind of feedback you'd get from white people......that's not being racist is it? You're just painting the truth....right??

This man really sees it as white people against black people.  And he calls me racist?  If I were to agree with his way of thinking I would be prevented from ever criticizing a public leader based on the color of his skin.  We would all be shackled by political correctness and forced to comply because “change” is good. (Regardless of what kind of change it is.)

I hope my painting will cause people to really think and to get up off their bench to defend the Constitution…regardless of the color of their skin.


Path of Peace

Each of us has times in our lives when we feel lost or discouraged. I believe that all of us have a guardian angel. The question is… are we listening? If we have the courage to cross the bridge of faith and follow our guardian, we will find ourselves being led down what I call the path of peace.

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There have been many times in my life when I have come to a crossroads and I had to make a choice.  The decision would possibly change the course of my whole life.  In my youth I made a choice to become an artist.  Even though I felt opposition from many people on the grounds of whether I could support a family, I knew this was the right avenue for me…I just felt it. 

When I met my wife there was something about her, like a breath of fresh air.  She was so easy to love.  All I wanted to do was take care of her and adore her for the rest of my life.  I knew we would get married…I just felt it.

A short time after I was married I was on a trip to Arizona to visit my grandparents.  As I sat by myself in a room reading I was suddenly startled by the unseen presence of someone who began to rebuke me for not living my life as I should.  I had not been praying or thinking of others and frankly, taking a path that would lead me away from a peaceful life.  I knew I needed to make God first…I just felt it.

After I graduated from college I was finding myself looking for employment.  I wanted to make my living as an artist, but I didn’t know how.  When I prayed for guidance the Lord told me to be patient.  I remember saying, “Lord, I don’t know why I was born with this desire to paint, but if thou wilt, some day let me use my gift to serve thee.”  I knew my prayer would be answered…I just felt it.

For many years I had to do other work to support my family.  Times were hard.  Life is full of lessons to help us grow.  My beautiful wife gave me eight children.  Some have had disabilities.  But in great challenges have come great blessings.  I felt I was led down a path of peace.  I knew God was always there…I just felt it.

When the time was right the Lord gave me the direction to do my art full time.  As I began to paint scenes from Christ’s life I felt inadequate.  I felt the Adversary trying to discourage me.  But the Lord has brought people into my life to help me do this work.  I know God loves all of His children and desires to bless us and help us find the “Path of Peace.”  As you look back on your life you may have felt the guiding hand of a guardian angel as the Lord has manifested Himself in your times of indecision.  Don’t expect a lightning bolt or glorious manifestation.  Like a whisper…you just feel it. 


What Is Art?

Have you ever had the opportunity to participate in this debate?  I remember when I was a student in art school and I had an art philosophy class where all we did the whole semester was debate this question.  I can’t say there was ever any final conclusion and I suspect that is the way the professor wanted it to be.  Over the years as I have considered this question I have come to my own conclusions and I think this personal paradigm has defined the way I view myself as an artist.

In the simplest definition I would say “art” is a human expression of emotion which can be perceived through any of the human senses.  You can see it, touch it, read it, etc.  In my mind there are many  levels or classifications of art.  There is art which lifts the human spirit and there is art which depresses or degrades.  There is art which is political and art which gives us warm fuzzies.  There is art which everyone understands and can appreciate and art which only the artist himself can understand.  In my view, the greatest art of all is that which reaches the viewer on more than a superficial level; touches something inside them which is not easily reached.   It inspires them without preaching.   It says to them,“You’ve seen me before.”  And yet you have never seen anything completely like it.  The way the art is handled is unique, and yet you don’t feel distracted by the complexity or craftiness of the creation process.  When you walk away your subconscious never allows you to forget what you have seen because it has become a part of you.  You have been changed forever.  This is great art, the art to which every artist should aspire.  If an artist were to paint even one painting in their lifetime that crossed into this realm of “Great Art” they would have created a masterpiece and made a worthy contribution to humanity.  Of all the piles of art in the world, there are few true masterpieces.  Not all hang in museums.


Jon McNaughton


Counting My Blessings

Today is Thanksgiving.  What am I thankful for?  Let me count the ways…

  1. I have an amazing wife and eight beautiful children.
  2. The Lord has made it possible for me to use my talent as an artist to support my family.  
  3. I have the use of my hands even though I have a little arthritis.
  4. I have been blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know my Savior.
  5. I was blessed with incredible parents who have always supported me and counseled with me in great wisdom.
  6. I learned “The Grand Master Key”’ at a young age.  (James 1:5)
  7. I can read and learn about many things through easy access to books and knowledge.
  8. The Lord has at times blessed me with personal revelation…greater than any book!
  9. I live in a country where I am free to paint and write and live my life!
  10. I am thankful for the Founding Fathers and all the patriots of the past who have sacrificed for me to have all these things.
  11. I am so thankful for the men and women who serve in our armed forces.  May God bless them.
  12. I am grateful for this beautiful earth we live on.  Although there is ugliness and sorrow…I choose to see the beauty.
  13. I am grateful that I have food and shelter.
  14. I am grateful for ice cream and Diet Coke, but my wife says I should get off the DC.
  15. I have wonderful friends who are always supportive.
  16. I have many incredibly gifted art students who make teaching such a delight!
  17. I have a life of love, learning, devotion, and service.  What more could anyone ask for?

This list is not in order of importance.  All these are of great worth.  May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you contemplate the blessings God has given you.

Jon McNaughton


Do You Have Any Talent?

Often I hear people say to me, "I wish I could paint like you.  If I only had your talent!"  My talent is painting,  but there are so many other talents.  I am a believer that we "choose" our talents.

I teach an art class here in Provo, Utah.  Sometimes my students ask me,  "Do you think I have any talent?" My response is that if they took the time and effort to show up to this class, they definitely have talent.  I've always wanted to play the piano, but I was never willing to take the time to learn. So, I have no talent there.  You have to remember, there is always somebody better and always someone less skilled.  You can't worry about that!  My definition of talent is that if you have the passion or desire to work at something...you have talent.

Some of us think that unless we can slam dunk a basketball, play the piano, or sing like an angel we are without talent.  Some talents are simply worth more than others  Let me ask you a question.  If you could have any talent, which would it be? What is the greatest talent of all? 

I remember once when my wife was feeling bad and said to me that she just didn't have any talents at all.  I told her that I bet I could write at least twenty talents that I knew she had.  She gave me a disbelieving glance and without hesitation I wrote at least twenty on a piece of paper.  Some of my favorites were:  To show genuine love for people.  A good listener.  Always honest.  A deep love for the Savior.  A good mother.  Seeker of beauty.  
In my opinion, the greatest talent is one that effects the most number of people for good.  Now think about it. What talent can effect the most people in a positive way?  How much would you be willing to work to develop such a talent? 

It is my opinion that the greatest talent one can ever possess is:   The ability to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ with power.  Why do you say that?  Because I can not think of a single thing that has more potential to do good in this world.  When you convince another to seek the Savior it has a more profound influence on the life of another than anything else.  Not only can it change a heart and soul, but think of how they may influence others.  The ripple effect is eternal.  Their family, children, grandchildren, friends, acquaintances, all are benefited from one saved soul! "covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way."(1 Corinthians 12:31)

There are different ways we can teach the gospel of Jesus with power.  For some, it is simply living a life of service and being an example of the believer.  Others choose to actually begin a ministry.  Some use their gifts of speech, music, art, etc. to inspire others.  How will you use your gifts?  Remember, that which you are most passionate about will become your gift.  I wonder which is better...to make a small difference in many lives or a dramatic impact in one life?  Seek the better gift.


About the Christmas Video

Yesterday we released our new Christmas video featuring some of my recent paintings as well as the music of Shawna Belt Edwards. I was happy with the results and felt it captured much of the feeling I try to instill in my art. One thing that I didn't want to do, but felt was necessary, was to add the watermark in the bottom right corner to cause people to be aware of where they can go to buy a print. I've always been uncomfortable when it comes to selling my art. For me, the joy is in the creation, the result is for everybody else. Realistically, I understand that in order to be able to dedicate my time to this I have to sell the art. The vast majority who benefit from the art never have to pay a dime. That makes me feel good.

So far I have had only one negative comment on Facebook regarding the video. I couldn't tell if he was offended that I was selling the art, or if he simply didn't like it. It's almost like offering a personal gift to someone and finding that they don't like it. You can't help but feel bad. Yes, I suppose I'm a little sensitive.

This morning when I was getting ready to come in to my studio I had a artist's vision where I saw a future painting depicting the arrival of the Maji to the young Christ child. I found myself crying and thanking the Lord. So many beautiful images to paint...so little time.

Click Image to watch video

I hope you enjoy the video, "Do You Have Room For the Savior." The idea is that the Son of God did not have room to be born in even the smallest inn in Bethlehem and therefore was born in the lowest of curmumstances. Let us have room within our hearts to remember Him this season.


Why Do We Suffer?

I woke up early this morning with a lot on my mind.  Not the usual, what do I have to do today? But, why have I been so blessed?  When I think back on my life I have had many incredible experiences.  I have experienced heart brake as well as great joy.  I have seen much of the beauty in the world as well as witnessed the confusion and ugliness that some would have you believe is the excepted normalcy of life.  I reject that.  I choose to see the beauty.

One of the things I have learned is how the negative hardships we endure in life are often the greatest blessings the Lord can give us.  I think back on my experience loosing a brother to cancer; failing to reach a goal which seemed important at the time; struggling to make enough money; finding out I would have children with disabilities; and many more.  I marvel when I consider those whose challenges seem so far beyond my own.  Life is hard.  But looking back I can see the incredible blessings of God in these trials.  I have learned to know God through the passing of a loved one; I learned that had particular goals been achieved my current blessings would not exist; the years I struggled financially were some of my most joyful; and my children with disabilities have taught me more about love than humanly possible.

I know that every human being is a child of God.  We are His children and by that token we are important to Him.  I hear those who say, “How can a God exist who allows people to suffer?  I would never worship such a God.” They do not know the nature of God.

I know Heavenly Father is real and that He cares about us.  As a parent loves a child He cares for every single member of the human family.  He is not the kind of parent who coerces or forces us to do His will.  He softly whispers, “Come unto me and let me help you.”  The big confusion is why do people suffer?  I believe it is because through struggle we learn to feel joy.  This life is where we learn what true happiness is.  “For God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 

No person likes suffering.  How does a parent feel when they take there child to the dentist?  They know it will be hard on the child, but for the greater good they allow it.  People suffer in different ways.  Some make choices that lead to broken hearts or even hurting themselves.  Others, by no fault of their own, are the recipients of terrible suffering.  But why would God allow such things?

Our lives are but a dream.  Heard that before?  Some day each of us must return to our Creator, our Eternal Father.  When we look back on our lives what will we have learned?  I believe that our lives will stand as a monument for the eternities.  What will matter in the hereafter will not be how much money we made; how big a house we have; or what kind of great position we have in the public eye.  What will matter is how much did you SACRIFICE.  How much did you learn to LOVE.  How much did you have to SUFFER This is what will sit on the alter of God to last through the eternities.  This is why God loves us so much.  Every soul is of great worth.  I plan to do a painting next year to address this subject.  I will call it “Unsung Heroes.”  It will focus on the incredible sacrifices of millions of every day people.  I hope you will find joy this day in the blessings God has given you and remember that He is watching over you and He truly loves you.

Jon McNaughton


You Can Not Fail

Jesus Christ’s role as our Savior and Advocate is deeply profound to me.  He saves us from the mortal grave because of His Resurrection and triumph over death. (1)  He saves us from sin because of His infinite Atonement which allows us, by His grace, to be clean of sin if we will repent. (2)  He asks us to “follow Him”(3) and come unto the Father and if we do so, we can partake of Eternal Life. (4) 

He tried to help the children of Israel reach the same potential “but they would not.” (5) Even today there are many who say God will not reveal any more to man.  They say to themselves, "God no longer speaks to people."  Is not that a presumptuous statement?  Is not God the same today as he was yesterday and forever? (6)  Let us draw close to Him and He will draw close to us.  Let us seek His guidance in all that we do and not condemn anything that is of God because of our own lack of understanding. (7)  God always takes us as far as our faith permits us, then when we say, “It is enough.” We immediately “damn” our eternal progress.  (8 ) May I implore you to never do this. 

I am not a typical artist.    I know there are those more gifted than me, but my skills are good enough to accomplish what I need to do.  I am only concerned with the message.  The purpose of this artwork is to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and empower the minds of Americans to preserve the freedoms of our country. (9)  Many years ago I asked God that if some day, if I was worthy, He might allow me to paint pictures that would help build His kingdom.  My motivation is that if only one person can look at these paintings and think or feel something from the Lord that changes their life… then it is successful.

If anyone ever wonders who I am, whether I am a Christian or a true servant of Christ all they need to do is look at my paintings and read my writings and the truth is revealed.  Jesus said, “By their fruit shall ye know them. (10)  A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (11)  I believe that it is my responsibility to seek my Lord, Jesus Christ, and to listen and learn His will in all things.  I will not condemn something as evil without asking the Lord. (12)  My convictions are firm and I will do all I can to help the Lord with His work however that may be. We all must follow our own path and the Lord will help you to do this.  Stay close to Him and you can not fail. (13)

Jon McNaughton

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How Do You Paint the Face of Christ?

When I first began to paint the Savior I felt completely inadequate for the task.  Many artists say that it is the most difficult subject to paint.  How do you paint someone who we believe is the God of the Universe and the most humble, loving, perfect man who ever lived?  There are many millions of people in this world that love the man they call Jesus.  They all have their own personal image of how they think He should look. 

Where is an artist to start?  I decided I would begin by looking at all the different artist’s renditions since early Christianity until today.  His image has gone through much metamorphosis.  I read different historians talk about how Christ would have looked.  Each was convinced of their own conclusions.  Some people today claim to have had a personal witness, that they saw Him in a vision or dream and know exactly how He looks.  All these things were very remarkable and I would seriously consider each account.  It was interesting to me how each group of people would often paint Christ in a way that most resembled themselves.  Their comfort zone if you will.  Many people have come into my gallery and with absolute certainty say that He has brown eyes or blue eyes, dark skin or light skin, long hair or short hair.  Now I see why this is such a difficult subject to paint.

At this point I thought to myself, “OK, what does He really look like?”  So I started reading different studies from an anthropological point of view.  National Geographic had that interesting article about what Jesus really looked like.  Not too handsome, kind of gruff.  Perhaps He did look like that? 

One night I had a dream.  It was in the distant future.  I was at a great conference and all the artists who have ever lived who painted Jesus Christ were gathered together in one place.  Many of the well known masters were there.  I saw Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt as well as many modern painters of Christ.  I was there with all these great artists as we anticipated the arrival of the guest speaker.  It would be Jesus Himself and all attending expected Him to acknowledge who the truest artist was.  All were wondering who had painted Him with the most perfection and accuracy?  Who would be named by Christ Himself as the greatest of all?

As I sat in my chair a hush came over the room as someone entered and moved toward the podium.  I saw a man in white, but I could not see His face.  He stood at the podium and began to speak in a soft, loving voice that seemed to pierce my heart to the very core.  He said that there were many talented artists who were here and that He knew many were wondering in their hearts who was the greatest among us.  He then said, “The greatest among you is he whose art did most to save souls in the Kingdom of my Father.”

When I woke up I was thrilled with the dream and curious about the answer.  In my mind I felt the meaning of the dream was that it was not as important to Him how He looks in the painting as how it affects the viewer.  If it helps them to draw closer to Him, to strengthen their faith and come unto Christ-- it is a masterpiece.  As an artist I feel that it is more important to paint a face that evokes emotion and familiarity than it is to paint an anthropological version that would be difficult for the average person to recognize. 

Some day I hope to see Him and to look into His eyes.  I don’t care what color they will be or how long His hair is.  I will recognize Him by that overwhelming feeling of love and joy that can only come from standing in the presence of my Savior.



“I hope they will consider the great sacrifices that our soldiers have made in defending and keeping America safe. The horrors of war are almost beyond my comprehension. Unless one has experienced it, how could we begin to comprehend the heartache and anguish of those who have gone before? And second, to know that Christ is real and that peace is coming. As a Christian, I truly believe that He will come again and bring peace to this Earth. All the spirits of the dead who have died in war who have ever prayed for peace will finally see the answer to their prayers.” - Jon McNaughton
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Truth Will Prevail

Yesterday I began my first entry by introducing myself and my purpose for having a Blog.  It had not been an hour before I had a comment criticizing me for my painting, “One Nation Under God.” I read this gentleman’s remarks that I “should crack open a book sometime to know what truth really is.”  I had to smile as I read since this is a common argument from those that detest the painting. 

One Nation Under God

 He goes on to criticize the painting for including Deists standing behind Christ and my suggesting that our country was founded to be “Under God.”  I would be interested which books this person is using to get his information?  My understanding is that during the “Age of Enlightenment” many of our Founding Fathers were eager to establish a country where men were free to worship God according the dictates of their own conscience.  They wanted to have a system of government not ruled by Kings and nobleman, but by Natural Law or God’s Law where men were free to have life, liberty and the pursuit of property.  The First Amendment of the Constitution made it clear that there would be “no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” 

In 1802 in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Associaton, Jefferson coined the phrase “separation of church and state” in reference to the establishment clause… fifteen years after the Constitution was written.  Jefferson’s clear meaning was that religions were protected from the state, not the other way around!  So now here we are.  The Supreme Court of the United States finds praying in the schools unconstitutional and everything our founders held sacred has been trampled.  If this was their clear intention don’t you think it would have been the standard from day one?  So the question, why did I paint Christ holding the US Constitution in the painting?  Because I believe that the Constitution is divinely inspired.  I believe that the Founding Fathers were inspired.  It was written by imperfect men that were prepared at a time in Earth’s history to do something that had never been done before—a great experiment!  Look what they accomplished.  In the short 234 years since our country’s birth look at the advancements in our world.  Look at the development we’ve made in medicine, science, travel and good will.  We have literally gone from picks and shovels to placing a man on the moon!  Without that Constitution we would not have had the environment needed to make this possible.  All the suffering and grief in the world today is because of evil men and those who subvert the principles of this sacred document.  This is how I see it and I have history on my side.  In this painting I included those whom I believed sacrificed for our country to support the Constitution.  Whether you except them for their faith is unimporiant.  They sacrificed and I think they would hope we would do the same.  Who are you to judge? 

Did Jefferson identify himself as a Deist?  We always hear about the famous ”Jefferson Bible.”  As an intellectual Jefferson was fascinated by the man Jesus and because he cut out the miracles to focus on the words only of the Master in no way condemns Jefferson as a non-believer.  On his deathbed he solemnly proclaimed himself a Christian.  Many of the Founders have been classified as Deists simply because they didn’t attend a regular Christian church.  None of that really matters and that is why I marvel at the negative attention this painting has received from the Left.  Even my newest painting depicting President Obama’s foot on the Constitution (The Forgotten Man) pales to the criticism I have received from “One Nation Under God.”  To those who criticize my painting for being historically inaccurate my response is to read my interpretation of the painting and consider reading history books dated to the time of our country’s founding.  I’m sure my response will infuriate more anti-McNaughton sentiment, but I know the painting represents the truth.  People will write both praise and disgust on this Blog, but truth will prevail.
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My First Blog

Here I am, the newest member of the Blogosphere!  I am going to try to update this blog regularly with subjects that are on my mind that relate to my paintings, my beliefs, and what I think people should know about my work.  As I have stated before, the three things I am the most passionate about, besides my family are religion, art, and politics.  These so happen to be the most likely to start an argument in most polite conversations, but I'm not exactly one to restrain myself from speaking the truth... or painting the truth.  One of the great lessons I have learned in life is that I should never worry about what people think as long as I am true to my principles and trust in the Lord.  Yes, I am a very religious person (as you can see from my paintings) so expect to get a good dose of McNaughtonisms! 

As you read my blog in the future you will come to know me better.  If any one ever has questions about what I believe, all they have to do is go to my website (http://www.mcnaughtonart.com/), look at the art and read some of the captions explaining the pictures.  I am an open book.  I am a good natured and amiable type of fellow, not quick to get angry or start an argument.  Perhaps this would be a surprise to those who have studied my newest works, but I have strong feelings about what is happening in this country.  I will fight to the grave to wave the flag for God and my country. 

Occasionally I will answer reader's questions and try to minimize my writing errors. (I am a painter...not a professional writer!)  For me, the passion is in the creation.  The result is for everyone else.

Jon McNaughton


The Forgotten Man

All the Presidents of the past gather around a man sitting on a park bench. That man, with his head bowed appears distraught and hopeless as he contemplates his future. Some of the past Presidents try to console him and look in the direction of the modern Presidents as they exclaim, “What have you done?” Many of the modern Presidents behind Barack Obama seem to congratulate each other on their great success oblivious to the man on the bench. In front of the man, paper trash is blowing in the dust. Crumpled dollar bills, Amendments of the Bill of Rights and like a whisper—the U S Constitution beneath the foot of Barack Obama.