You Must be a Racist

In the short two months since I released my new painting, “The Forgotten Man” it has received both praise and condemnation.  Usually when someone is upset with the painting it is because they believe Obama is above reproach or that I don’t place an equal share of blame on previous presidents.  Recently I had an angry fan on my Facebook write me a letter regarding my painting, “The Forgotten Man.”  Here is what he said:


I have always been a fan of your work but I just have to say the Forgotten Man really let me down. I think it's a racist painting and very disrespectful to any one who stands for change.....



I was dumb founded by his comment.  Why would anyone find the painting racist?  After the crushing debt that President Bush left us in 2008 I was hoping for some “change”, but not the kind Obama wants to give us.  Am I disrespectful for standing against a president who I believe is not keeping his oath of office to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?”  After reading his comment I assumed, well maybe he just didn’t get the painting, perhaps if he read my artist interpretations on my website he would see the truth.  I told him he needed to go to my website and do some research before he assumes that I am a racist.  Here was his response:


Yes I have done my research on YOUR site and read all of your EXPLANATIONS...of course you're going to say that this painting is NOT racist! Who actually would say that? You know as well as me the fallout you would have if you had stated that! As a NON WHITE person looking at your painting I find it very offensive and many others would agree....

If this is a non partisan painting why do you have Democrat presidents standing next to Obama and clapping but you have Reagan standing next to the man on the bench like he's trying to protect him? It just goes to show that white people still have a bad taste in their mouth due to Obama being elected and they'll go to ANY lengths into trying to bring him down.

After reading this I thought, Did he not see that I had BUSH standing right next to Obama?  Did he not read my criticisms of some of the Republican Presidents?  This is not a partisan painting.  It was clearly evident that he did not read the explanations and could not see past his own hate and prejudice.  There is not a single racist comment in any of my writing as I explained the meaning behind the painting.  Then he went on to say:

Hopefully you can paint that picture I suggested about George Bush stepping on New Orleans with a big grin on his face and have black people crying looking up at him....let's see what kind of feedback you'd get from white people......that's not being racist is it? You're just painting the truth....right??

This man really sees it as white people against black people.  And he calls me racist?  If I were to agree with his way of thinking I would be prevented from ever criticizing a public leader based on the color of his skin.  We would all be shackled by political correctness and forced to comply because “change” is good. (Regardless of what kind of change it is.)

I hope my painting will cause people to really think and to get up off their bench to defend the Constitution…regardless of the color of their skin.


  1. Why does it always come down to race. If someone disagrees with you, they usually pull the race card. What a joke.

  2. i am so sick of the "race card!" he says he is "non-white"..i bet he voted for our current president JUST because he is non-white THIS IS THE EXACT DEFINITION OF RACIST! you are setting your own race back by being so damn ignorant!

  3. I feared that this would happen, having our first black President. Any criticism at all is going to be seen as racist by the people who support him. That is because they refuse to accept that the "policies" are corrupt. So they think, what else could it be? I would love to have a President in office, of ANY color, who is conservative and upholds the constitution. I totally "get" your painting. Keep up the good work.

  4. I, too, love your painting. It speaks volumes, you know....a picture paints a thousand words! I love that you paint with your whole heart and soul. It's sad that some don't understand what is going on. Thanks for your marvelous work!

  5. Well, I've learned never to wrestle with a pig. All that happens is you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.....

  6. Jon this man sees everything as black vs. whites. It's obvious. Many people suggested that when barack obama was elected it would mean that racism is over. I knew that would be incorrect. I knew that any people that were against this first black president would be called racists. Liberals are the only ones keeping racism alive today. If you're white and disagree with our president, who is black, it's obviously because of his race, right? Wrong. That's what liberals and the lamestream media keep telling us though. And blacks and minorities constantly hear this and soak it up until they believe it to be true. That's why I say that liberals are the only ones keeping racism alive. It's their best tool. They can use it for censorship, or to cause class envy, or polarize voters. You call someone a racist and the argument is over, because a racist loses any credibility they might have had. Ask yourself this Jon. Who are the ones making race an issue here? It's certainly not you. Race was never brought up except by the ones that want to believe your painting was racially motivated. They are the ones keeping racism alive today. It's just as simple as that. That's all I have to say. Again, thank you Jon for everything you do. I am your biggest fan my friend. I have 3 of your masterpieces hanging on the walls of my home. Try not to let these race pimps get to you. Concentrate on the folks that see your artwork for what it truly means. And trust me, we far outnumber them.

  7. Hi John!!! Call me a RACIST JOHN!!! I would of Voted for Clarence Thomas or alan Keys for President and I'am a White person???? Does that make me RACIST???? HARDLY, Why don't you give that person's e-mail, Then I will TELL HIM HOW RACIST THAT PERSON IS!!!! Keep up the Great Work John. I Love your work, it's Beautiful.. God bless you my friend!!!

  8. I love your paintings. You have a wonderful gift and you use it to speak the truth. People usually accuse others as having the same issues as they have... as when people lie they believe others are always lying to them as well. That is probably what is going on in this man's mind. There will always be those who come against the truth... and we just need to pray for them. God bless you Jon!

  9. I did not get any feeling at all of racism from your painting, I LOVED IT. It speaks volumes about character in leadership, the responsibility of America's current situation is the result of years and years of leaders who have made bad choice, current President included.

    White or Black, Yellow or Red, skin color does not matter in the end, what matters is the legacy they leave behind which they themselves paint into history by their words and their actions. I believe that you, Jon, have done a superb illustration of the facts through your painting, "The Forgotten Man" which must have taken a great deal of courage to publish. I applaud your talent and your Patriotism! Thank you.

  10. This reminds me of the movie Fahrenheit 451.

    When I think of Race, I think of NASCAR. Perhaps being 2nd generation Military traveling the world then Retired and wanted to see the United States driving an 18 Wheeler I've came across many people and cultures. As many like one Amish Gentleman said to me, your no like the others who come here.

    Am I racist, O'HECK! I don't even like NASCAR watching cars go in circles and the only real reason come to watch is to see the crashes and cheer there favorite driver.

    Am I prejudice, well'ya, prejudice is, you don't reach into boiling oil to grab a fistful of freedom fries, you look both ways before crossing a street and you sure don't talk back to your Parents. Prejudice is knowing the difference between right and wrong. I just don't like ignorant people!

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  13. And one more thing,

    To Jon McNaughton and gang


    to each and every person,

    May you have a Blessed and Miraculous Holy Day!

    Happy Holi'do'what?

    PC, Political Correctness,

    "Bah! Humbug!"

    The Coopers <><

  14. I was so moved by this painting, I purchased it.

    Why do people in this generation see everything based on race? What a shame.

    This painting speaks volumes of what has happened to this country in just a few hundred years. Jon has done it in ways that are hard to describe. Pure genius.

    Keep them coming, Jon.

    Gary W.

  15. Jon, it is a sad moment in time yes there are racists out there in fact I have met more non white racists than white in my travels in America. Most people who cry racist I find have a deep rooted hate for the race of the one they are attacking as racist. Sad. Your paintings are not racist they are Pro Human Rights & Freedom, and Pro America. I am a mixed race and do not judge anyone by skin tone, however I do make judgments based on the Actions / In actions of one's character or lack there of. We All of us are of the Family of Adam and Eternally one family. Keep painting and realize when your being attacked in such a juvenile childish bullish way that means you hit your mark, the progressive followers of the dark sides ways always resort to name calling or anything else when all the real arguments have failed, or when faced with facts as they are not able to handle the truth. However I do find some minds are like quick create all mixed up and permanently set. God Bless and know your on the side of Light & Truth and that does make you a target of the weaker minds on earth.

    Hang in there and keep using your talents to bless the lives of everyone. Your like N.Rockwell in that your paintings are of your times, and well executed and will stand through out history with other standards of truth and a witness of our current happenings in America & Earth.
    God Bless you our Brother.

  16. I am with you, i can't see how this painting is racist at all. The guy that said that is the racist, he sees a black president, instead of the President. It wouldn't matter what color he is,what counts is how he leads America.

  17. To me this drawing seems to show Christ looking with great concern and love for us. Love it! One of my favorite paintings of yours is "The Forgotten Man." How timely this painting is and it speaks volumes. Here is the link, I think, that you wanted posted: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150122270958653&set=a.10150122270738653.316942.157211518652 My prayers are with you!

  18. Regardless of the message or intention of your paintings. There is no denying the Right have used them to their advantage. I mean any Liberal President would be criticized by a Republican. That's a given and to be expected and vice versa, but President Obama is also black. Oh dear. So of course the criticism has been turned up to 11. He has to be portrayed by the Right in the most evil possible light. "He wasn't born in this country. He has terrorist friends. He's a socialist. He hates the constitution" Do you think they've vilified him enough?

    You couple that with just coming off President Bush. Who was portrayed as the worst President ever by the Left. The Republican's want a little payback for that and turn it around on President Obama. Now in their eyes. He's the worst President ever. I imagine he would be in the Republican's version of White America. In reality he's hardly the worst. Jimmy Carter takes that crown in my opinion, but none of that matters. The Republican's want the White House back and they are trying to get it by any means necessary.

    Most Republicans will scoff at what I just said, but If you could be a fly at the dinner table of most White Republicans. Sean Hannity for example. You just might hear the what they're really thinking and the occasional N-Word.