Sitting on the Fence

I remember when I used to paint only soft and quiet landscapes.  Life was simple then.  I don’t do as many of those kinds of paintings anymore.  Today my time is spent researching and preparing epic size works that are more provocative in their message and statement.  I want to take a stand on issues that effect people.  I’m not concerned with political correctness.  As an artist, I need to be true to my heart.  My paintings are often divisive and I have been criticized for being such.  I think we are at a time when we cannot afford to not take a stand.  Our world is changing, and I’m not sure I like which direction this change is taking us.  I hope that people will ponder the message of these paintings and take the time to read what I have written about them. 

Currently I have at least twelve major paintings of the magnitude of “The Forgotten Man” and “One Nation Under God” which I plan to work on consecutively.  I want to stir the patriotic spirit of Americans and open the eyes of Christians and the importance of taking a stand wherever we are.

My new painting that I plan to release at the end of January will be my most important Christian painting.  The title will be “Via Dolorosa” which are the Latin words for “way of suffering.”  The painting will include over 100 figures from history which have either persecuted or defended Christianity.  The central figure represents the modern Christian which has to make a choice.  Will he stand up for what he believes, or will he remain silent? Too much is at stake to remain neutral.   I believe this will be the most comprehensive Christian painting ever created and with God’s help it will stir the souls of those are sitting on the fence.


  1. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear this.

  2. It is so nice for someone with a gift of portraying life with art, to feel the importance of remaining true to God and their faith. Often, artists are considered "anything goes", in the name of art. You show the world that you can create beautiful art that has deep meaning of Biblical truths. May God continue to bless you with this gift!

  3. I really enjoy your paintinga a lot. I am glad you are using the giftedness that God has blessed you with in such a way that in turn blesses each of us. A very interesting concept you have for your “Via Dolorosa” painting. I can't wait to see it. Keep up the great work and I pray God continues to bless you.

  4. You are such an inspiration!!!! If you can paint it.. then so many of us CAN live it!! God Bless!

  5. Jon I cannot wait to see it. If I know you it is going to be magnificent. I own the two epic paintings you mention in your blog and if this one is like those, I'm sure it will cause the same level of emotion in its viewers like me. I am going to go broke I think if you keep releasing these Jon lol ;) Your paintings seem to portray everything I would like to say in words on that canvas. You sound like you are very proud of it, which tells me it's gonna blow people away when they see it. An artist is his own worst critic, so if you are excited about its release, then I am too. Keep it up Jon and thank you.

  6. Food for thought,

    “Our faith is down. Our churches are emptying. Do you know why? Because our churches don’t stand for anything anymore.”-Glenn Beck


    My Church told a story a while back, just after the Civil War two brothers went to other Churches both Black and Poor spreading the word of God. While one Brother was preaching the Gospel the other stood vigilantly on guard on the front steps of that church with a shotgun protecting those within. Question, have we come once again to that crossroad and if so, what is the Church going to do???

  7. I can't wait to see you newest painting!!!
    Your such a blessing and inspiration for faith, art, history and the insight to good and evil especially in govt.