Why the Rooster in WAKE UP AMERICA?

Yesterday I asked the question regarding my new painting, "Wake Up America":  Why did I place the rooster in the painting and what is the symbol I am using?  I promised a free print to the first person who could correctly answer.

I read through all the comments and most all of you were on the right track, but didn't quite take it far enough.  Yes, it is a reference to the New Testament story of how Peter, on the eve of Christ's crucifixion, denied Jesus three times.  When the cock crowed, Peter went and wept bitterly.  The rooster has many symbols and is usually tied with the rise of a new day, waking up, or protection.  In my mind, Americans need to "wake up" to what is happening in our country.  We are in a state of denial and like Peter will go and weep bitterly as we come to realize our mistake.

Gina Burnett was the first of only two that hit the nail on the head...

The rooster is symbolic of the fact that almost all of the people are denying that they are slaves of the government. The "forgotten man" understands that and is trying to break free of government slavery. There are some people that are noticing that, but not yet acting on it. The rooster is a warning of impending disaster. 

I will give her my first print off the press!  Thank you for entering our little contest.  I will do more like this as we roll out the painting.  Remember, let's WAKE UP AMERICA!!


My Favorite Artist

A question I am often asked by others:  What is your favorite artist?  Who inspires you?

It would be Michelangelo.  Yes, he is one of the most famous artists who ever lived (for good reason), but it is the man behind the art that captivates me.  Michelangelo came to us at the heart of the Italian Renaissance.  It was a time when the great artists, architects, sculptors and others where looking to the past in order to improve upon the future.  They were in a sense standing upon the shoulders of the great ones!

During Michelangelo’s life he saw the excavation of incredible sculpture by the Romans that were far more expressive than anything his contemporaries were producing.  It inspired him.  As I have read about Michelangelo’s life I feel that he was driven to create art that glorified God.  He felt that his path was different than others and his education would come through personal study and reflection.  He never sought the acceptance or approval of others, but was fiercely independent.  He always followed his personal vision to create what he thought was the will of God.

I admire Michelangelo, not because I think he was perfect (although he is second to none), but because I see what an artist can do when he puts himself in the hands of the true master, our Lord Jesus Christ.  I will never be a Michelangelo.  I do not want to emulate his art or paint like him.  My path is different.  I will be the best Jon McNaughton I can be.  I will use my art to leave a message to the world that I feel is worth seeing.  Though I may be hated and mocked by many because my art does not fit into their personal view, my voice will be heard.

Each of us should follow the example of Michelangelo as we discover the great voice within us.