Is Homosexuality Wrong?

I found an interesting comment on the Blaze this morning as they were talking about the subject of homosexuality and its acceptance in current society.  I thought it was interesting and thought I would post it. I would be interested to hear your responses.  (I have posted this person's comments before.)
Rangerskippy said:
"Every super power nation in the history of the world that has accepted homosexuality as normal, has soon after collapsed
Gays are only 2.5% of the total population, and they make up 64% of all syphilis cases, made up 57% of new HIV cases last year, did 1/3 of all child molestations in America, have some of the highest suicide rates, have above average alcohol and drug abuse rates. They are a sick and diseased people who are prone to crime, abuse, and immoral behavior.
There is no gay gene. Homosexuality is not a choice, it is a series of bad choices that leads to destruction for the individual, and the nation that accepts or promotes them.
Just like rape, child molestation, swinging, bestiality…. homosexuality is a sexual perversion. It is not the norm, and it never can be.
World history shows homosexuality to be destructive to nations. Medicine shows homosexuality to be destructive to families and individuals. Bible shows homosexuality to be wicked and hated by God (Lev 18:22, Romans chapter 1).
The family is the most basic unit of governance and education. When the family falls, the nation falls. Homosexuality is an act against the family, against ones self, and against God."

McNaughton said:  I believe that God loves us all whether we are gay or not.  The question is whether homosexuality is wrong.  Undoubtedly yes.