Happy New Year

Here I am looking at the prospects of a new year and wondering how things are going to play out.  I used to paint furiously as many landscapes as I could to sell in the art galleries I have around the country.  My art was soft and simple, but it was satisfying to create because it reflected who I am as a person.  Now, I have slowed down to painting only several more complex paintings a year and the work still reflects who I am as a person, but on a much deeper level…and it is very satisfying.

This New Year will bring the release of three important new paintings I have had on the drawing board for a couple of years now.  Each is a completely unique concept that will cause people to think and feel something perhaps they haven’t felt before.

The purpose of my art is to testify of Christ, to embolden Americans to preserve their freedoms and to uphold the sanctity of our families. 

May your new year be blessed with love and courage in defense of God, family and country.

Happy New Year,
Jon McNaughton


  1. Thank you Jon and happy new year to you too my friend.

  2. It seems that the focus is shifting to what has real value anymore. Thank you for sharing your gifts in such a powerful way. Love your work. Happy New Year and God bless....

  3. Happy New Year dear brother! Love you!

  4. Each new painting fills our spirits with love for you and your work.
    Always stay true to yourself and you will always be on the right path.
    We are excited to see each one as this new year progresses. How you can even think of more ideas is beyond us. We love you, dear son, always....