My First Blog

Here I am, the newest member of the Blogosphere!  I am going to try to update this blog regularly with subjects that are on my mind that relate to my paintings, my beliefs, and what I think people should know about my work.  As I have stated before, the three things I am the most passionate about, besides my family are religion, art, and politics.  These so happen to be the most likely to start an argument in most polite conversations, but I'm not exactly one to restrain myself from speaking the truth... or painting the truth.  One of the great lessons I have learned in life is that I should never worry about what people think as long as I am true to my principles and trust in the Lord.  Yes, I am a very religious person (as you can see from my paintings) so expect to get a good dose of McNaughtonisms! 

As you read my blog in the future you will come to know me better.  If any one ever has questions about what I believe, all they have to do is go to my website (http://www.mcnaughtonart.com/), look at the art and read some of the captions explaining the pictures.  I am an open book.  I am a good natured and amiable type of fellow, not quick to get angry or start an argument.  Perhaps this would be a surprise to those who have studied my newest works, but I have strong feelings about what is happening in this country.  I will fight to the grave to wave the flag for God and my country. 

Occasionally I will answer reader's questions and try to minimize my writing errors. (I am a painter...not a professional writer!)  For me, the passion is in the creation.  The result is for everyone else.

Jon McNaughton


  1. ... but I'm not exactly one to restrain myself from speaking the truth..."

    Then maybe you should crack a book open sometime and learn what truth really is good sir.

    You're skewed perception of truth and history is a bit off the mark. Many of the founders of our country were Deists and were deliberate in the task of separating religion, specifically Christianity, from government and vice versa. Thomas Jefferson arguably one of the most important of the founders was so inflamed by Christianity, he ripped out pages of scratched through sections of the Bible he felt were ludicrous and created what is now referred to as the Jefferson Bible.

    You sir, should learn your history before lumping all of our founders into a rendering that suggests our country was founded to be under God.

    Warmest greetings into the blogosphere.
    ~ a Deist in Texas

  2. Welcome to Blogosphere! Your paintings are so inspirational me.
    I look forward to getting to know you through this blog...

    Many Blessings

  3. Jon, I have long admired your work and even visited with you in your Provo gallery a few years ago when we first moved from the Seattle area. I greatly respect you for using your gifts to share your convictions in a visual testimony.

    It will be of interest to follow your thoughts & processes in your creations... I also paint but certainly not nearly on the same level. But I do understand the desire to create works that teach and inspire...I also recently started a blog at: www.patricepaints.com

  4. Jon, please ignore luke1720s comment as clearly he has his own agenda. So many American's are in awe of your work and I, for one, hope that you continue that trend. I am looking very forward to reading your blog regularly.

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  6. “You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence.”
    -Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948)

    Stay the course John, stay the course!

  7. Those like myself stand with you John!!!

    Stay the course!

  8. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Jon. Looking forward to watching this develop over time. I've been on Blogger since 2006... I think you are going to have a really great time doing this. All the best.

    Twitter - @The4ThWatch101

  9. Thank you Jon, Love your work and also this blog you started. Welcome to the blog world. Jon thank you for all you do and for being a very specail person. God bless you. Your work touches my soul and one thinks about it days and days after seeing it. Thank you!!!!

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  11. I like what you are doing , I am not a Art buff but man your paintings speak loud , I for one appricate the fact someone is making a mark to raise the questions that need to be raised.The forgotten Man is the perfect example that should speak loud to all , if that painting does not speak to people then there blinders cant be removed and their chains I hope sit lightly. Americans they feel History and Truth is unimportant but here in our time of Life History is repeating once again. I think to search History and the truth will be one of the tools needed to stand and stop the Tyranny we face, Jon keep doing what you are doing you are a voice through Art needed .