You Can Not Fail

Jesus Christ’s role as our Savior and Advocate is deeply profound to me.  He saves us from the mortal grave because of His Resurrection and triumph over death. (1)  He saves us from sin because of His infinite Atonement which allows us, by His grace, to be clean of sin if we will repent. (2)  He asks us to “follow Him”(3) and come unto the Father and if we do so, we can partake of Eternal Life. (4) 

He tried to help the children of Israel reach the same potential “but they would not.” (5) Even today there are many who say God will not reveal any more to man.  They say to themselves, "God no longer speaks to people."  Is not that a presumptuous statement?  Is not God the same today as he was yesterday and forever? (6)  Let us draw close to Him and He will draw close to us.  Let us seek His guidance in all that we do and not condemn anything that is of God because of our own lack of understanding. (7)  God always takes us as far as our faith permits us, then when we say, “It is enough.” We immediately “damn” our eternal progress.  (8 ) May I implore you to never do this. 

I am not a typical artist.    I know there are those more gifted than me, but my skills are good enough to accomplish what I need to do.  I am only concerned with the message.  The purpose of this artwork is to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and empower the minds of Americans to preserve the freedoms of our country. (9)  Many years ago I asked God that if some day, if I was worthy, He might allow me to paint pictures that would help build His kingdom.  My motivation is that if only one person can look at these paintings and think or feel something from the Lord that changes their life… then it is successful.

If anyone ever wonders who I am, whether I am a Christian or a true servant of Christ all they need to do is look at my paintings and read my writings and the truth is revealed.  Jesus said, “By their fruit shall ye know them. (10)  A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (11)  I believe that it is my responsibility to seek my Lord, Jesus Christ, and to listen and learn His will in all things.  I will not condemn something as evil without asking the Lord. (12)  My convictions are firm and I will do all I can to help the Lord with His work however that may be. We all must follow our own path and the Lord will help you to do this.  Stay close to Him and you can not fail. (13)

Jon McNaughton

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  1. Great perspective Jon. I think you will join Christ in Heaven someday.

  2. Gifts from God pour out from you!