“I hope they will consider the great sacrifices that our soldiers have made in defending and keeping America safe. The horrors of war are almost beyond my comprehension. Unless one has experienced it, how could we begin to comprehend the heartache and anguish of those who have gone before? And second, to know that Christ is real and that peace is coming. As a Christian, I truly believe that He will come again and bring peace to this Earth. All the spirits of the dead who have died in war who have ever prayed for peace will finally see the answer to their prayers.” - Jon McNaughton
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To show appreciation to those who have served our country, McNaughton Fine Art Company is offering customers 10% off any painting listed on our website. In addition, if you are a veteran or would like to honor the veteran in your life, please respond to ryan@mcnaughtonart.com to receive an extra 15% off your purchase if you order ' Peace is Coming'. Promotion will expire at 11:59 PM Friday, November 12, 2010. If you would like special consideration concerning this deadline, please email ryan@mcnaughtonart.com!

**Use Promo Code ' veteran ' during checkout at mcnaughtonart.com today and tomorrow to receive 10% off your purchase! Veterans can receive an additional 15% by emailing ryan@mcnaughtonart.com.

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