Were Your Prayers Unanswered?

I have read countless letters from good Christians who have felt great remorse and have even questioned the validity of their prayers as they witnessed the election go to President Barack Obama.  Some have even gone so far as to say it was God’s will that he be president.  Why would God allow so many prayers to go unanswered? 

This last election was historic on so many levels.  Never has our country been more polarized in one direction or the other.  The viewpoints regarding the role of government and the role of God in our society have never been so diverse. 

Elections are about choice.  There were only three choices in this election:  Vote for Obama with his entitlement, big government, anti-Christian views; or vote for Romney with his less government, less regulation, stronger military and religious freedom views.  The third choice was to do nothing and in effect cast your vote for Obama.

So, was God in this election?  Absolutely Yes!!!  You may say He offered the American people a “tender mercy.”  A tender mercy is a blessing from God that we don’t deserve, but He offers it anyway.  America is dying on the vine with our economy in shambles and unemployment at all time highs. We are also in a dangerous situation with our enemies and corruption is running rampant in Washington.  We needed a candidate that would help America get moving in the right direction.

But Americans chose a President who is under scrutiny for his actions in Benghazi and the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.  They chose a candidate that is Pro-choice at the highest level.  They chose a man who ran a deceitful campaign.  They chose a man who has demonstrated policies that have hurt the American economy and increased our debt twice the amount of the former President.  They chose Obama anyway!

Perhaps they made their choice because Romney was a Mormon?  Perhaps they saw in Obama a better chance for them getting a government handout.  Perhaps they were pro-choice, pro-Gay rights, or just liked Obama’s smile?  We are now a country that leans to the left 51 to 49%.  We are past the tipping point.

So where is God in this?  He gave America a lifeline…and they rejected it.  God is forever merciful, but we ALWAYS have the freedom to choose.  I believe that Romney was the tender mercy God sent to help save America. 

I’m afraid to see the next chapter of this story.  As the polarization widens in this country the time will come when the wicked will have to face the consequences of their actions.  Continue to pray with all your might that God will preserve this nation.  Our prayers are always answered, but often we don’t see God’s hand until the dust settles.