About the Christmas Video

Yesterday we released our new Christmas video featuring some of my recent paintings as well as the music of Shawna Belt Edwards. I was happy with the results and felt it captured much of the feeling I try to instill in my art. One thing that I didn't want to do, but felt was necessary, was to add the watermark in the bottom right corner to cause people to be aware of where they can go to buy a print. I've always been uncomfortable when it comes to selling my art. For me, the joy is in the creation, the result is for everybody else. Realistically, I understand that in order to be able to dedicate my time to this I have to sell the art. The vast majority who benefit from the art never have to pay a dime. That makes me feel good.

So far I have had only one negative comment on Facebook regarding the video. I couldn't tell if he was offended that I was selling the art, or if he simply didn't like it. It's almost like offering a personal gift to someone and finding that they don't like it. You can't help but feel bad. Yes, I suppose I'm a little sensitive.

This morning when I was getting ready to come in to my studio I had a artist's vision where I saw a future painting depicting the arrival of the Maji to the young Christ child. I found myself crying and thanking the Lord. So many beautiful images to paint...so little time.

Click Image to watch video

I hope you enjoy the video, "Do You Have Room For the Savior." The idea is that the Son of God did not have room to be born in even the smallest inn in Bethlehem and therefore was born in the lowest of curmumstances. Let us have room within our hearts to remember Him this season.


  1. This captures the beautiful feeling that I love at Christmas time. Love your art work.