Discount for Facebook Fans

As you may have heard we have a TV commercial for One Nation Under God which has begun today!  It's a special offer we have never done before for the purpose of spreading the word that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD!    To see the commercial click here:  www.buyonenationundergod.com

I am offering a five dollar discount to any of my Facebook fans who enter the promo code: JMDISC5

What makes this offer so amazing is that not only do you save $5.00 on the regular price of the print, but you also recieve a detailed Reference Guide with the key to the painting, three 5X7 Gift Cards, a Constitution Booklet, and an hour long documentary about the painting explaining every detail and symbol and my story behind the painting!  It's awesome!!  Now is the best time to get a copy of this for your self or a friend.

After it arrives in the mail, please let me know how you like it!

Jon McNaughton

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