My Prayer for 911

Many of us have been thinking about the ten year anniversary of 911 that is approaching.  A stream of emotions floods my mind and heart as I remember the events that day.   We all mourned together as we saw the destruction and loss of life in the Twin Towers, but out of the ashes of that day Americans showed love and compassion and renewed patriotism towards each other.  911 was one of our country’s worst moments and yet one of our very best. 

As we remember 911 I hope we can think of it like a new Independence Day in America.  Let it be a day to remember hope, love, and our dependence on God.  May we seek to find favor and blessings from Him.

Since the mayor of New York will not allow a prayer at the 911 service which will be held, I will offer my own:

Our Father which is in Heaven,

As we remember those whom we love who have died on this hallowed ground, mothers and fathers, men and woman who gave up their lives ten years ago.  Please remember the prayers of thy people.  We are deeply saddened by the loss of so many of thy sons and daughters.  Many of which were trying to help relieve the suffering of those still inside the towers. 

We know that thou art a just God and knoweth all things.  Thou knowest the hearts of conspiring men and those who would seek to destroy our country. 

Today, as our country stands divided, wilt thou open a door to allow for Americans to see the light of liberty.  Wilt thou allow thy Spirit to enlighten the minds and hearts of the Amercican people that they may seek a path of responsibility and prudence and trust in thee in all righteousness.  Lord, bless us to remember we are One Nation Under God.

And this we pray, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen