Pregnant Women Are Not Evil

I received the following letter concerning my painting One Nation Under God:

I picked up (whether intentional or not) the symbolism of the people in the front of Jesus Christ as being gracious on the right and wretched on the left. However, the pregnant women who wants to keep her baby is on the left side. Any specific reason for this? She seems to be out of place and should be on the right. Your thoughts?

I have strong feelings about the subject of abortion.  By putting her behind the Supreme Court Judge who represents the legalizing of abortion, it amplifies the message.  The people on the bottom right side are not damned souls.  They are those who are caught in the struggle.  The judge and the pregnant woman are actually listening to the voices of change.


  1. Perhaps those placing themselves in judgment need to see a painting of Genesis 4:10 to help them understand the innocence of blood shed before 'choice' is a part of decision. It's HIS(the Creator's)choice to form creation, isn't it? Who are we to make the decision of life or death?

  2. I always appreciate reading about your reasoning behind your paintings. Perhaps those who condemn your work on sight, instead of questioning your choices, need to be asking themselves why they see it that way? We tend to reflect ourselves in what we see. For me, another way of looking at her is that she is facing the light, while those around her are turned away.

  3. I love that the woman is HUGELY pregnant. The vast majority of pro-choicers are in favor of aborting during the first trimester; not after. Also, I find that your attempts at symbolism come across as childish. Your paintings (and your awful commentary) pain me whenever I encounter them.