Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

I get angry letters on a regular basis from confused people regarding my painting, "One Nation Under God."  Here is one letter followed by a short response from me:

So EVERY politician, judge (which I am, thank you), and hollywood professional is automatically "left wing" and awful and on the wrong side? What about the philanthropists in these groups? Without these "liberals" there would be many starving, homeless and orphaned people in this world. Nice concept for art, but your random "grouping" and mass condemnations are not worthy of print. A lot of those you randomly put on the "wrong" side are very good Christ-loving people. P.S. Where are Jesus' family of Messianic Jews depicted?

If a man wearing black leather, chains and covered with tattoos was charged with a crime in your court, would you immediately think he was guilty? If you had taken only a few minutes to read my comments you would find the true intention of these symbolic figures. There are good philanthropists (and Jews) from all walks of life, but that wasn’t the point of the painting.

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  1. Jon,

    I always assumed that those we appoint to a position of judging others were highly-educated, professional individuals. This judge's comments (assuming you posted them here without alteration) include grammatical errors and poorly-formed sentences. What's most concerning, though, about this judge's comments is that he doesn't seem to take the time to investigate your work and the stories behind them - which, as an artist, you're not obligated to provide - in order to make a sound and valid judgement. Even without your background comments I would never assume you feel that ALL politicians, judges and Hollywood professionals are in the wrong, liberal or leftist. It saddens me that we have someone in a position of making judgements about other people's lives that clearly isn't capable of following any kind of proper method for developing a conclusion. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The judge is guilty of that which he has accused you, Jon: Emotional, snap judgment, without enough information or common sense to make any kind of wise judgment. With an attitude like that, what chance at justice is there for those who must appear in that particular judge's court?

  3. A wise man once told me that there is a difference between a man with knowledge and a man who has been filled with wisdom.

    Intellectual Knowledge comes through books and school. A Judge is filled with intellectual worldly knowledge. He has been taught by those who wish to take over this world. This does not mean that he is bad. There are people filled with the spirit of our Heavenly Father.

    A Wise man is one who has been touched by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can touch each of us and help teach us of the marvels of our Heavenly Father.

    When we mix this wisdom with the humility of God gospel, we will help those in need willingly. We will make sure there are no needy among us. We will love one another because we are brothers and sisters, even the Jewish people! This makes us a righteous people before God. Instead of being forced by a government that is taking 60% of my income to give to those unwilling to work for the money the government spreads through social justice.

    Chose for yourself. The Intellectual, or worldly, form of knowledge. Or being touched by the Holy Spirit and sharing in the wisdom of our Heavenly Father.

    I like what Davey Crockett said as he was trying to get others to help at the Alamo. "You may all go to Hell, I will go to Texas". Others can chose going to hell. As for me, I will chose to listen to the Holy Spirit and gain my wisdom from Heavenly Father as I help my fellow man.

  4. What? No fat people, we helped make America great too. Just kidding, the judge's letter is that crazy. I enjoy your work and I am not persecuted by your art; if I was, I would spend my time in self examination not lashing out at others. I too believe that our Constitution was Christ (God in the flesh) inspired. I only hope that someday our leaders in Washington start following this precious document.