What About African Americans?

I had the following question about my painting One Nation Under God:

I love the painting...I really do.  But as an African American...where do we really stand in this country?  I see Fredrick Douglass and Harriett Tubman in the painting but they are in the back and this really shows where we are an ethnic group in America.

This world is just what it is...and as we both know WE ALL will face GOD even the unbelievers. Not trying to make a fuss, but just saying what needs to be said. Thanks for letting me give an opinion.

I responded:

I appreciate your point of view. The subject of race is a sensitive issue. I feel there has been improvement in the white community in regards to racism, although there is obviously room for growth. In my painting I have nine figures directly related to Civil Rights. In the background there are twenty three figures—only three are black. I suppose I looked at the painting to some extent with color blindness. I never meant to make a statement that African Americans are less important. In the Constitution it says that all men are created equal. In the beginning, because of states that disputed the issue of slavery, this part was not complete. With the addition of the thirteenth amendment we moved closer to equal freedoms. You asked, “As an African American…where do we really stand in this country?” Under the Constitution we are now all equal. I believe that as an “AMERICAN”, you can stand for God, you can stand for truth, you can stand for equal rights, and you can stand for liberty. And in the sight of God we are all equal.


  1. Great Response!! I agree totally. I appreciate you paintings and just looking at them here on FB they make my day. I hope to one day be able to afford one.
    Thanks again.

  2. But there is also an African-American soldier near Abe Lincoln as well as an African-American in the foreground holding The 5,000 Year Leap.

  3. OK I'm somewhat sorry for what I'm about to say and I'm saying this as a "African American" or what ever you want to call it. It infuriates me when as I refer it "Dark Chocolate" folks are presumably whining about their presence like they were somebody different. Just cause there's more "white chocolate?" Seriously get over it. So sick of this black pride as with any so called culture. The Big Brother in the Center of that Painting Selflessly gave His Life for All OF US!!! He Suffered for ALL of US!!! When Christ Prayed He prayed that we may be ONE , 1, Un, AND WHAT EVER language there is out there to express it!! You wanna take pride in something take it in the Goodness of Humanity and the love our Father in Heaven has for all his children. It's about the individual. Not the color of the skin. Like Christ we will bleed red and because of Christ We will be quickened by the spirit. I know this is strong but it has to be said. I'm grateful for anyone who strives to make us all better. I'm even grateful for my cats!! Yes I'm passionate about this. We are all chocolate no matter how you spin it. So just love one another.

  4. I know the individual who posted this meant no harm whatsoever and I'm not holding any ill will about it. It's just the nature of this topic has got to come to an end. America is like light. It has every type of color to make it pure and to be seen in times of darkness. This is the promise land and we are bound by it's laws of Eternity.

  5. Racism and it's injustices are as old as man himself I imagine. As in many of "man's" endeavors we attempt to immediately desire this to be GONE! And because it isn't "non-existent" now we have a tendency to to be extreme in our desires, both in sensitivity to racism and disregard to it. If I treat someone of another race differently, with special accommodation, am I not acting with "racism"? The wounds of racism are deep for those who've experienced it and the racist ideas passed on in ignorance are deep as well. I think we can agree that through Jesus Christ we all can stand for what is right, and person to person, impact a little piece of humanity around us. "Be sensitive to me if I try to treat you as I would anyone else, and I will be sensitive to you because of what you may have experienced!"