Are You Mean-Spirited?

A few days ago I was at an art show where tens of thousands had the opportunity to see my paintings.  I saw two cute grandmothers which looked to be in their late seventies.  I greeted them with a smile, but I was surprised when they lashed out that I was “mean-spirited.”  As I tried to discuss the issues they simply couldn’t get past their own perceptions. They really feel that Obama wants to help us and anyone who is against him simply must not have a heart.  I know that many of these people mean well, but how can anyone be so blind?

I suppose they see Conservatives as “mean-spirited” because we don’t believe in the redistribution of wealth.  We believe that in order to have freedom we must have the freedom to succeed… or the freedom to fail; that the federal government has a limited role in our life.  We don’t believe in heavy taxes and spending our way out of a financial crisis.

It seems to me that part of the problem is that many in America suffer from apathy.  At a time in our history when we are so comfortable, even the poorest among us have more than the middle class enjoyed in the early part of the 20th Century.  Some see the federal government as the answer to all their problems.  I think the federal government is the problem! 

What if your family was on the verge of bankruptcy?  Would you go out and buy a new luxury car and live like you won the lottery?  Would you write checks to all your favorite charitable organizations?  Would you think it appropriate to simply reduce your monthly credit card purchases, even though you had already maxed out the limit!  Would you be “mean-spirited” if you said “no” to such behavior? 

I don’t know how to get my message out in any other way than I am doing.  I hope Americans will wake up…get off your bench!  Let’s make the hard decisions that will truly save us as a nation.

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"The Forgotten Man"


  1. All they probably hear is what mainstream media tells them about conservatives wanting to cut their SS or Medicare. Problem is-I would want what I had put into it, too-but it just isn't going to be there unless it starts now! They well-intentioned system has been abused, and now with the baby boomers (I'm one of the last of them) are needing what they have put in, less of our children exist to put it into the system-some of those babies who had been aborted since Roe vs. Wade might have been working to help offset that inbalance, but that's another issue. Bless their hearts for not quite understanding beyond what they are told by newsmen/women they have come to trust. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Thank you for seeing what you see and showing it to us.

  2. Jon,
    What you are doing here is amazing! I have to tell you that when I posted this on my facebook last week it went viral! nuts! everyone including people that are not my friends but friends of friends were posting and reposting this. There is always going to be those people that don't agree with you. You just need to keep doing what you are doing. Maybe paint something about those two "grandmas" and their reactions, that would be cool. The reactions of the ignorant.....just a thought...if they want to call that mean spirited so be it. This is America and for the time being we are still able to have the freedom to express ourselves.

    I personally Love all of your work, and this piece is AMAZING!
    God Bless you!

  3. Honestly, in politics, I believe it's safe to say that there people in both parties who are either 1) "Mean Spirited" or 2) Responsible and well-meaning. I believe that part of the problem that we have in our nation is the refusal to accept a simple fact. There is corruption (and good) in both parties. There is corruption (and good) in the people in both parties, both liberal and conservative.

    I believe that this is why the church stays out of the discussion of which party we should support, etc. I know many good, hardworking people who affiliate with both major parties. I, myself, have voted on either side of the isle.

    The more effectively that we can discern right from wrong, rather than party from party, the better off we'll all be. :)

  4. No. You are not mean-spirited. Your work is inspiring to the teachable heart. Keep doing what you are doing. Something is working or these grannies wouldn't be so upset. Hhhmmm--- perhaps their eyes and ears can be open to truth. Let's hope so. This particular painting just 'speaks' volumes. Praying many will feast their eyes upon it and 'hear' it's real and true message. God bless you.

  5. Party politics are so frustrating. For example, I like the Republican Party Platform, but some of our elected officials have been simply out of control. The fisccal policies of both parties have been outrageous. Unless our politicians can make the hard decisions, our country will never recover.

  6. I am not religious, but I am conservative. I think the suggestion, by the two grandmothers, of you being "mean-spritited" is an extension of the belief that our existence is, or is supposed to be, harmonious and peaceful, and that if it doesn't appear to be harmonious and peaceful, it is because we humans messed up, and if we would only start ACTING peacefully and harmoniously, then our existence would return to what it is supposed to be (harmonious and peaceful). In my opinion, that whole idea is analogous to someone who doesn't like surgeons, because after all they cut off limbs and that's scary: it is emotional, short-sighted, weak and childish to think like that. The two grandmothers don't want to burden their thoughts with mankind's conflicts: they would rather blame a scapegoat, because it's easier and makes them feel better. I believe that our existence is ESSENTIALLY conflicted, not as a result of anything we do, but on the deepest possible level, before birth, before humans, before dinosaurs, before this universe existed, there was already conflict.

  7. Many people get upset and angry when faced with negative al be it truthfull facts that does not change the truth that theese facts are facts and ignoring them does not make it go away...I have had family past and present fight bleed and die for this country and i am very proud of them but lets face it this nation is unfortuanatly a very worn faded and slightly tarnished of its once glorious self...I hope the powers that be will think of the people you trusted them and voted for them and remember the promises they made to get where the are at now.

  8. I believe that all people are created equal, by a Father in Heaven who loves each of us equally.
    And that's where the equality ends.
    It's up to our parents to teach us and guide us and educate us so that we can be successful.
    At a certain age we go out on our own and continue our education, marry, have children, earn a living, and start the cycle again.
    Those who do not take it upon themselves to get an education and strive to succeed have NO right to sit back & expect the successful ones to "share their wealth" with them.
    I cannot consider myself an "equal" to you who are so talented when I've not developed those talents in myself. I'm certainly not equal to my doctor, my dentist, my math teacher - I never attempted to be their equal. I cannot ask them to make my mortgage payments or pay my heat bill. It's not their responsibility!
    And that's what it comes back to. Instilling in your children a sense of responsibility. This seems to be a forgotten character trait.
    Where is it said that we don't have to be responsible for our choices?
    In answer to your question about conservatives: No, we are not mean-spirited. We are simply brought up to be responsible for ourselves. We give to charities, we're kind, loving, caring people - for the most part, I hope! We are just conservative, honest, truth-telling people.

  9. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. Keep up the good work John you are brave and care for the well being of others even if they are blind to see it. God bless you.

  10. It is obvious from your art work that there is not a mean spirited bone in your body. I love all of your paintings; and, particularly the "Forgotten Man" says it all. We the little man, the worker bee and the tax payor has been forgotten. Thank you for expressing what so many of us are feeling daily. May God Bless you and Keep the paintings coming. Thank you for your inspiration.

  11. love your art not your message

  12. We need to remember that it is God that has the plan. There is nothing we're going to be able to do to change that! Most of the stories of the Bible are so similar. We are here in these end times to plant seeds. That is what you are doing, and have done. Unfortunately, people today are listening to the words of man and no longer to the Word of God. Funny! There's a new book coming out every day it seems like. All these author's have all the answers. This nation was founded on the word of God. That is the book that everyone should be reading with understanding! If that offends, then you should not be here. Most people fled ungodliness from all over the world, and came here to America. The sooner we all realize that Christianity is not a religion, but a reality, the blessings of All Mighty God will return to this great nation. Your paintings Jon, speak volumes to the majority of us! We can pray for the ones that don't have eyes to see and ears to hear! Keep up the great work!

  13. There is no fool like an old fool, as the saying goes. You met two. Oh well. Pray for them too.

  14. You are in good company. Jesus was likely seen as "mean spirited" when he overturned the tables of the money changers at the Temple gates. There is a season for everything under the sun. I think you are right in season.

  15. I have never viewed a piece of artwork that moved me at such a deep level. Praise God for the freedom we have here in America that allows one to express so beautifully, and without a single word, that which weighs so heavily on the heart of many traditional Americans. Those of us who "get" this picture are aware of the paradigm shift away from the beliefs and philosophies of our founding fathers. Thank you for expressing so profoundly what we have been trying to say with words !