Here is an excerpt from my new book.  It is written for young readers, and is filled with humor along with thought provoking questions.  Here is a selection from my chapter called, "Political Correctness."

“Dad, what’s the deal with all the political correctness going on today?” asked Josh.

“What do you mean?” responded Coach.

“Well, it seems like people are looked down upon if they have different ideas about society than those with a more liberal view. For example, I have teachers at school that believe God should never be spoken of in the classroom, or that black people need to be treated different than white people, or that women should be allowed to fight in our wars, and it’s politically incorrect to suggest otherwise. I don’t get it,” said Josh shaking his head.

“I think that there are some people that feel it’s intellectually superior to take the liberal stand regardless of the consequences. Almost thirty years ago, there was a U.S. Senator named Joseph McCarthy that wanted to root out the Communist sympathizers in the government and he got in hot water for speaking his mind and pointing out those whose actions were un-American. He was the most politically incorrect man in America at the time and they destroyed him. In today’s world, if you don’t play by the rules—you’re finished.”

“But why should I have to play by the rules, Dad? Why can’t I just speak the truth and make a stand for what’s right?”

“You certainly can and you should, but people will hate you for it. Some will respect you, but those people tend to be quieter. I remember during the Vietnam War, I got in trouble for speaking my mind all the time. I once mentioned to your grandpa that I thought the war was morally wrong and he laid into me for being un-American and then, when I saw how the veterans were being treated at the airport and complained about it, somebody threw their drink at me and flipped me off. Sometimes I think being politically correct means you have to put up and shut up.”

“I don’t like it, Dad,” said Josh.

“Yes, it stinks. So, are you having some problems with this?” asked Coach.

“Most all my teachers are this way. It’s their opinion or no opinion. Any suggestions?”

“Well, they are your teachers, so you need to be respectful. I would just show them the facts and leave it at that, but don’t be afraid to speak the truth.”


  1. I have been following you for a long time. From when you displayed the Presidents and the young man sitting on the park bench. I love your political statements, there so true in every way.. God Bless you for your stance for what is right under Gods eyes.

  2. I enjoyed the cute short story. It's very true what you said. Just remember that, that sticks and stones may brake your bones but names will never hurt you.

  3. Have always admired your work--classic-with a message-
    Do you offer hands on seminars either in you state or as an invitee to another state-?