This should be a fun contest and I chose to offer my biggest prizes to date. 

Here is how to enter:

      1.     Go to Amazon and get the new Kindle copy of “Knight of the Superstitions.”
Here is the link:   http://tinyurl.com/kqx4ouw
(If you don’t have a Kindle, there is a free Kindle App that will allow you to read it on your computer.)

      2.     After reading my new book, go back to the Amazon page and write a short review explaining what you felt was the main message of the book.  You can give whatever review you like, but the first three that nail the purpose of the book will be the winners.  There are many thoughtful messages within the story, but what do you think is the central theme through out the book?  Be sure that I can identify your name in the comment.

      3.     I will award a $400.00 gift certificate for the first to state the correct theme of the book.  I will award a $150.00 gift certificate for the second and $75.00 for the third to get the correct answer.  Also, I will personalize each painting as you wish.

I felt inspired to write this book and this prize giveaway seems like a good way to help the readers look a little closer.  Best of luck and I will announce the winners as soon as the first three get it right.

Short Review about the Book
The book is written at a young reader level and is filled with humor and adventure, but is also filled with thoughtful insights into God, patriotism and life.  It follows the story of Josh Knight, the son of the local football coach who is blessed to receive painting lessons from a real angel.  He has more than he bargained for as he learns about the unseen Spirit World, the powers of Angels, how to fight Satan and even how to paint a beautiful painting.  I think the message is profound for those who wish to look a little closer.  Best of luck!


  1. OK-I'm gonna read the book regardless of the prize I may or may not win- you have intrigued me and like every good writer, you have drawn me in and captured my attention! LOL!

  2. I already bought the book and am reading, reading, reading!

  3. The central theme comes to me as "what Nathaniel had taught" - 'The only power the dark side can use against you is fear and discouragement.'

    Jo Witt Steeber

    1. Jo, be sure to write your thoughts on the Amazon page where you purchased the book as a review. Thanks!

  4. I left my review on Amazon. I'm not sure how to make sure that you know how to contact the winners, so I thought I'd post my review here too - just in case I'm the winner, so you can match up the reviews. *grin*
    "I enjoyed reading this fun little story. It's about a young man who gets a great gift from God - painting lessons from an angel and the ability to see the unseen spirit world around us. (There is a lot more to the unseen world than we can imagine.) He learns the power that the dark side has is real and powerful. However as he learns to follow and rely on the Lord, he is able to effectively battle the dark side's forces - and the dark side won't be the winning team. It's got a great message and I am excited to discuss it with my children as they read it. Trust in the Lord; be believing.
    There are some areas that didn't get as well fleshed out as others. In some places the writing feels a little stilted, but over all, it was a fun little read. I had a hard time putting it down. I was also disappointed when it ended; I wanted it to keep going. :)" --Mama Bear

  5. Since my father in law was a Marine, my husband was a Marine and both my sons are Marines, I really want to win the "Mending the Nation" painting! To that end I'm off to amazon to buy Knight of the Superstitions (hoping the fact that I was born and raised in AZ and grew up with the grand Superstition Mtns as the backdrop of my own back yard will help)..... :-)

    1. Good luck A.P. When you write the review, think about what the overall message of the book would be. It's far more than have a good attitude, etc. Think BIG! Good luck!

  6. Oh yes, I've got to read this book! You've got my attention was just your introduction. If the book touches me as much as what I see in the depths of your paintings...I'm sure I will be blessed. Thank you in advance.