The New Book

Introduction for Knight of the Superstitions:

I had been thinking for some time about writing an autobiography for my children and posterity to try and document the many outrageous and incredible experiences I have had throughout my life. As I considered the task, my impression was that there were many lessons and principles that could benefit more than my own family. People are hungry for not just a good story, but inspiring thoughts and true principles that add meaning to our lives.

This story was just too good to keep to myself. My life has been a fantasy/science fiction novel with a twist. I felt that the best way to write my story would be to change the events around a bit, add a few things to connect the dots, and change some names and places to protect the privacy of those who may wish to remain anonymous. Perhaps I should take my own advice and keep the story to myself, but then nobody would know what really happens when our “eyes are shut.”

This book is a fictional tale about God and patriotism. Within these pages you will learn that some superstitions are based on truth. There is an unseen world that is dark and evil, but also bright, glorious and divine. Each of us is born with a mission in life and if we look for signs, we can discover who we really are and where we are going. You will also learn how to fight the Adversary, all about the unseen Spirit World around us, how to really speak with God, to protect yourself in battle, and paint a beautiful painting . . . all in one book!!

As you read, you may see some symbols that are unique to my writing. If you see / / / / / / / / / / / / this means that I felt the text was too sacred to include on these pages. If you see XXXXXXXXXXX it means I chose to leave out the bad language. (I don’t want my kids thinking their Dad writes bad words, you know.)

Each of us sees the world through the prism of our own experiences. My suggestion, if you choose to continue to read this book---try to decide where you think the truth ends and the fiction begins…and as I was told long ago…

The book is available at the following link: http://tinyurl.com/kqx4ouw


  1. Will your book be offered on Kindle? I would love to read it, It sounds like your life is a testimony of His grace. I plan to write my own soon as I complete graduate school. I pray your book is a success, and reaches many!

    1. I just purchased it for my Kindle.

    2. Yes, it is a Kindle book only for now. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. I just purchased my book from Amazon. Can't wait to read it. If your writing is a good as your art I know I will enjoy it.

  3. How soon will it be in print form?