The Word "Racist" Means Nothing Anymore

I get angry letters every day from people who disagree with my paintings.  I don't mind, it comes with the job.  But, I think I should offer a tip to those liberals who think they got the best of me.  Don't call me a "racist" if you want to sound intelligent.

We used to use the word "racist" to define people who associate themselves with groups that openly hate others based on race. For example: KKK, White Supremacist, Black Panthers, etc. 

Now, if you even appear to look cross-eyed at a black person, regardless of the reason, you are slapped with the word. Some people are so afraid to be called a racist that they defend the inexcusable and turn a blind eye. The word, "racist"now is the catcall of every liberal toward anyone who doesn't agree with them. I have Conservative black friends who are also called racist for simply disagreeing with liberalism. We see only hypocrisy now, as liberals redefine the meaning and browbeat their opponents for fear.  

I suggest we use the word how it should be used.  If someone openly says they hate another because of the color of their skin; whether they are black white, brown or yellow---they are a racist---period.  If they criticize another and they happen to look different, they are expressing their opinion; as long as it doesn't descend into racial slurs and so forth.  We all know the difference, so the next time you hear the word "racist", consider how it is being used.  Are they identifying another as a true racist, or trying to name call to win with a weak argument.


  1. You are spot on……keep up the good work.

  2. Absolutely dead on. So glad I found you on Facebook. Definitely going to buy a few paintings

  3. Thanks Jon I look at the picture I got for Christmas every day

  4. Personally, I think your art is inspired, much needed, and truly FINE art! Thank you, God Bless you, and keep on keepin' on!

  5. This seems like a false dichotomy here. Surely there are more shades of grey in a definition of racism than these two. I agree that we should be able to debate without jumping to accusations (racism, PC, direct alignment/opposition to God's will, etc.). Accusers on both sides really reveal a lot of arrogance, both in assuming that they know the subject AND the other person well enough to make a sound judgement. I would hope that people don't use only those two definitions to judge themselves, however, because that type of black and white thinking can lead to a lot of confusion and straying from one's intentions.

  6. In 2007, before I went to law school, I took your painting classes. You are such a nice person. I love your art and I'm liberal. I'm impressed by your political art. I think your painting's have evolved to a higher meaning. I still enjoy your landscapes though. I also feel blessed that I learned to paint from you.

    1. Thank you Adelle. Good luck with your aspirations in law. Hope you do some more painting some day!

  7. what about your racist depiction of the "muslim terrorist" in your one painting? Don't you think that painting a racial caricature qualifies as racism? Projecting the idea that people of a specific religion/ethnicity participate in terrorism? You can make that generalization based on whatever facts, but you're just perpetuating unhelpful stereotypes. You are defenseless.