Is it "Subtelty" or "Satire?"

Someone asked me the following question on Facebook.  I wonder if they really wanted to hear the answer.

Michael Kelly

If you could honestly explain to me the "subtlety" of your work, I'd be intrigued. You call Stephen Colbert's piece on your work a smear campaign, but isn't that what your work is doing to Obama? Your argument is flawed because you are doing exactly what you believe others are doing to you. If you could explain to me why your work should be considered differently than political satire, I'd love to hear it.

Jon McNaughton

The difference is I am going after Obama for his policies that are unconstitutional and hurting the country. The left goes after me for simply speaking out through my art and don't address the issues of the painting. They take my words out of context and try to smear me personally. The subtlety lies in the content. Corbert never addressed the real meaning of the paintings he discussed and most all his audience thinks they understand, as I assume you do as well.

Corbert is a funny guy. but the paintings by themselves are not funny.  The only ones laughing are the liberals.  Satire is created for the sole perpose of finding humor in the serious.  The purpose of my art is to communicate.

Close your eyes if you wish, or do some investigating on my website.


  1. Jon.....you will have tribulation in this world. Jesus has overcome the world. You will receive great rewards from our Lord when the day of Atonement comes....they hated our Lord why should they not hate us too. I will pray from strength for you. It's so hard when we are persecuted for the right things we do. God is on your side......you in the end will prevail! It doesn't make it any easier right now...especially with the haters attacking you. Please know that there are more of us than them. We will live in glory for all eternity. These that attack will be consigned to hell....not by God but by their own choices. Damnation does not come from an absence of knowledge....but a despising of knowledge.

    1. Since I seem to despise knowledge. Will you please define socialism? And/or name a country that comes closest to the socialism that Obama wants to set up.

      Or are you going to continue to compete with the other conservatives as to who can be the most vague?

  2. Okay Jon, where are the details? What Obama policies are unconstitutional? Which policies are hurting the country? And why? I've done some investigating on your website and can't find the details. I've asked these questions here and received no answers.

    We had a 91% tax rate on the rich in the 50s, now we have a 33% rate. How is that more socialized?

    As this chart shows, welfare payments have declined.


    How is this more socialized?

    What is your definition of socialism? Do you believe that if the democrats controlled 100% of the congress and presidency that we would be more socialized than Sweden is currently today?

    Let's compare:

    USA 8.2% Sweden 7.6%
    Small Businesses as a percent of employment firms:
    USA 99.7% Sweden 99.6%
    Budget Surplus/deficit as a percent of GDP:
    USA -8.9% Sweden +0.6%
    Per capita income:
    USA $48,100 Sweden $40,600
    Total government debt as a percent of GDP:
    USA 100% Sweden 36.8%

    Source – CIA world fact book.


    We liberals want details from you Jon. You can't just say, "The difference is I am going after Obama for his policies that are unconstitutional and hurting the country." If he is trying to turn us into Sweden you would still have to tell us why it would hurt us. Especially after seeing the above stats.

    You sound like a politician saying, "Why, that's just un-American." Really? In what way?

    1. Troy, I would like to have a conversation with you. I can tell you really want to have a debate as a proponent of Socialism. I will check into your information and get back to you when I have the time, hopefully in the near future.

  3. Jon, if you do not become an Apostel at some point then I dont think the church is true. It is so clear that teh Lord is preparing you through trial and tribyulation to be one of his chosen servants. I know you are to humble to ever admit it, but yore paintings is a gift from God and liberls will always try to tear you down with thier socialism ways. God bless the work you do.

    1. Jacob B

      Could you use your vast intellect to educate a vile liberal such as myself as to which country in the world is practicing the form of socialism that Obama is going to impose on us?

  4. Does the Church call artists to be apostles? I know Boyd K. Packer does some art. He tends to draw birds and other pretty things. What I have noticed is that when Democrats are called to be apostles, they are always asked about it. James E. Faust was a democrat, for example. When he was asked about it, he said that he was not concerned with politics any longer but with serving Christ. If you were called to be an apostle, do you think you would continue painting? Would your art change at all?

  5. I would have to agree with Mr. Kelly, I see no subtlety in what your doing. I am wholly in support of your right to make your statements however you wish but at the very least you can admit to the fact that there is absolutely no subtlety in what you do. Your points are very transparent. I do have to admit there are certain things in your paintings that I have no idea as to why they are there or what sort of meaning your going for through them and further more upon investigating on your site I still have no idea as to what you meant. You are a great artist I just would hate for you to be one of those artists that ends up having a false sense of self worth.