God Should be a Socialist?

Another interesting conversation between me and the "Fear Tactic Atheist":


Lets say, HYPOTHETICALLY (i am very tired of you guys going OMG HE SAID JESUS AS A FEAR TACTIC, CLEARLY HE FEARS JESUS), that God does exist, he would be a far far worst creature than the Devil ever could be, hey hes the o...ne who allows the devil to exist. The Greek philosopher Epicurus put it best "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" logically you have to accept one of these out comes otherwise your just being illogical


Stephen, Epicurus knows nothing about the nature of God.  Why does God allow there to be evil in the world?  Why doesn't He just force all of us to be good and righteous to each other?  Why doesn't He just give us all a happy, plentiful, joyous life with no sorrow or grief?  If God exists, aren't we all entitled to a life of bounty?  Hmm, I wonder why God is NOT a Socialist?  The same God who gives us life and the air we breathe blesses us with enough to make the world a wonderful place.  Why do we have to struggle?  Because we grow and develop and show Him and ourselves what we are capable of doing.  As we follow true principles we prosper and we raise the quality of humankind, as we sin we fail.  Our life does not end at death...that's when the real life begins.  Yes Stephen, there is a war between good and evil.  You’re on the wrong side brother.


Jesus as a Fear Tactic

Here is an interesting short conversation with an Atheist, pro-Obama person who does not like my paintings.  What do you think?


I've spent 13 years in Catholic schooling, trust me I know the bible and made a well informed decision when I left the church. I am not an expert of the Constitution, but want to know who is? The supreme court who upheld Obamacare. But that... is besides the point, your using Jesus as a fear tactic and not as his message was originally intended. You make people think that our government is somehow "going against" his teachings and will bring about destruction, you garner popularity by scaring people, If we were in the Bible you would be the guys selling things outside the church when Jesus got angry and flipped out on them.


"Using Jesus as a fear tactic," is an interesting way of describing me as an artist. Yes, I use Jesus as a "fear tactic"...especially to those who have reason to be afraid.  Anyone who cries repentance tries to show the despair and gloom associated with breaking God's law. To those who love God and liberty He's a great source of comfort. I know that God loves all of us (even Atheists who support Obama), but He allows us to make our own desicions.  The consequences of our choices can bring great fear, but we alone are responsible.

As for my livelyhood...  99% of the people who enjoy my work pay nothing. The 1% that purchase help me to make a living and support me to paint more. I sure won't apologize for that.

I don't know what happened to you Stephen, but you are contending from the wrong side of the fence.