If You Love Me, Spell My Name With a "Y"

Another interesting dialogue with someone on my Facebook page.  What do you think?

Bay Native said:
"thats not how Yehshua looked...wrong nationality ... very typical for a white man to paint Him caucasion

How would you like it if the people that loved you the most couldnt even get your name right... there ws no J at that time His name is Yehshua"

McNaughton said:
There are a number of people that believe a critical part of “correct” Christianity is whether you believe Christ had a certain color of skin, eye color, hair color, hair length, spelled His name with a “Y” versus a “J,” etc.  I believe it is foolish to place emphasis on these things.  If it were truly important, would Jesus have not stated such details?  Perhaps it is an individual quest to learn such things.  As an artist, I only worry about Jesus’ outward appearance to the extent that it creates a familiar image and to help “build faith” in Christ.  As for myself, my focus is to know Him in a more personal way unaffected by such trivial questions.

To learn more of my experience in “How to Paint Jesus” click the link below:


  1. I'm fairly certain that on Judgement Day you will not be cast into the lake of fire because of a spelling error!

  2. You might ask of this person then, "what color is God, and why does he have so many names?"
    May it not be so that he is recognized by all who know him?

  3. I have this print...it still takes my breath away...I think that is the reason you painted it...realistic? symbolic? Whetever...it speaks to my soul, I think that was the real intent of the painting.

  4. Beautiful print.
    As for the conversation, Jesus himself talked about those who focus on the words of the law and not the intent of the law.
    And the Hebrews/Jews are Caucasian, olive skinned, but Caucasian. The only races are Caucasian, Asian and Negro. God made us all.
    It takes seven colors of the rainbow to make 'white' light. It takes all people to make the world work.
    I love your work.

  5. Great response, Mr. McNaugton. No other is necessary. I am certain your painting will "speak" to anyone who views it. Continue as God's spirit directs you. Only obedience to His Will is necessary. God will take care of the rest.

  6. Jon I find it most interesting that people don't feel the love you have for our Savior by just looking at your pictures, I have seen other ethnic versions of Jesus and felt the love in those pictures as well. If the person painting Jesus loves him as much as the person looking into the picture then that is all that matters and it will be felt. I love how you love our Savior and I love how you capture him. I love how you love people no matter how intent they seem to be to bring you down. Thank you, always a pleasure.

  7. Isn't there a physical description of Jesus Christ in the writings of Josephus Flavius?

    I think I recall having read it some time back.

  8. Do an Internet search for, "physical description of Jesus Christ", and see what you get.

    There's a whole bunch of results, with varying degrees of credibility.

  9. I am a Messianic Jew who uses both Yeshua and Jesus and that okay, HE knows who you are praying too. People make far to much out of this. What Yeshua wants is do you look like HIM. Are your kind, giving and merciful like God is. Jon I love you work and I am also blessed to see how our Lord lets you put things down on canvas. Thank you for your wonderful work. Shalom.