Interviews with the Left

I was recently interviewed on Radiowest out of Salt Lake City.  I was informed that most of their audience were liberal to moderate in their political views and that the host would have a lot of questions for me. 

Indeed it was!  They were good questions and I could tell that the host had carefully crafted them to get a reaction from me. 

“Do you think Obama is trying to destroy America?” 
“What is your definition of art?” 
“Do you hate President Obama?”

The questions were numerous, but I felt comfortable answering them as I spoke from my heart about why I painted this and other paintings.  I was surprised to find out later that after our interview they continued for another 15 minutes as two “art critics” took the mike and offered their professional evaluation of my work.  It made me think of how absurd it would be to have a couple of rap singers critique a country music singer for their music and content.  Of course no person was there to counter their criticisms. 

If I had to do it again would I do the interview?  YES.  If one person within the sound of my voice gained some common sense, it would be worth it.


  1. Jon, thanks again for speaking from the heart!!! That is where the real truth is. Our whole family enjoys all your art, it really speaks to our hearts! May the Lord continue to guide and direct your path as you continue to be challenged by the Holy Spirit's efforts to show you truth!!!

  2. This past week it's become so very clear that liberal elites, etc. never ever hear the opposing views from us. They literally refuse to listen and therefore, cannot even consider that our viewpoints might have some merit. I'm thinking about how stunned and shocked they were when they heard the Republican lawyers' responses at the Supreme Court last week and also some of the Justices' questions to the Democrat lawyers. Just because one went to Harvard, etc. does not make them geniuses. How can that be?!!

    1. Really?

      I'm a liberal democrat, I voted for Obama, and will vote for him again. My comments are all over this blog. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make a living quoting conservatives. Paul Krugman quotes the conservatives almost always. And you are commenting on a liberal who interviewed Jon on a liberal radio station.

      What are we refusing to listen to?

      Here is a liberal responding in the New York Times to the discussion in the Supreme Court last week.


      This was carried nation wide including in our own Salt
      Lake Tribune.


      You want more?



      How aware do you want us to be?

  3. Your patriotic paintings are wildly right wing. Sad, because they have so divided us. And poor Pres Obama, he can't catch a break with you. Stepping on the Constitution, no less. What, in real terms, has Pres Obama done that is contrary to the Constitution? Nothing, that's what. Also, and in closing, you make it clear that you idolize Ron Reagan. Once again, sad, as he was a not a good president, let alone a great one. Maybe you should make some friends outside the right wing. Or not

  4. I have quite frankly not understood your sir, perhaps it is my fault but honestly I can't grasp what your "telling" us. You say you don't hate Obama okay I can go with that but why is he the focus in your paintings specifically in a negative way. You also tout that your not against those that are liberal stating that you have friends that are that being the only reason even though in almost every post I see you are bashing the liberals and touting things that I have heard a thousand times through the conservative news outlets. I'm not a conservative, I am also not a liberal, I am an American I don't straddle the fence I stand for what I stand for no matter which "side" of the fence attempts to label me. As far as I'm concerned no one should have a side of the fence we should all consider ourselves in the same field together as Americans. What you are doing, as much in your right you are and as much as you believe it is the direction God is pointing you, your only succeeding at dividing our country even further giving power to fear and as far as I can see that's the last thing you wanted to do since it is the instrument of Satan. Essentially sir, I find a disheartening lack of continuity with your statements and actions. Like you sir I can only get impressions from a man's actions not just his words.