One Nation Under God on TV

I am asking for some help with a special TV commercial we are doing for my painting One Nation Under God.  It will be aired across the country beginning this August. 

If you own a print of my painting One Nation Under God we would like to include you in the commercial sharing your feelings about the image; what it means to you.  I will give those who participate a free signed print of one of my paintings.  If you live in Utah or are close enough to travel to the studio location I would be grateful.  The day of the TV filming is Wednesday, June 22nd.  It will take only 30 minutes.  If you are interested please e-mail us at mcnaughtonart@msn.com.  Leave your name and phone number and we will call you.  Thank you for your help with our effort.

Jon McNaughton


  1. Darn would be fun, but don't own one yet..This will be the 1st one I get, then the 'there will be peace' and others, still saving the pennies.. to get a small one. such is life.. But will pass it on to see if any fellow Utah folks would like to participate.. Have fun! and Luck to the Future of your amazing works of story telling with art. God Bless the Republic of America & you.

  2. "One Nation Under God" and "Peace Is Coming" are the two of the paintings by you sir that have affected my life the most. As a wounded and disabled veteran of OIF/OEF, I feel it is a shame that Jesus and God, the FOUNDATIONS of our nation, are literally being torn from our history. "One Nation Under God" depicts exactly what this nation needs now. A NEW generation to step forward and take back what is rightfully ours. As the picture shows we will need the help of the Savior. However, enough is enough. We as the people, need to step up and claim back Our Government, Our Nation, Our Rights, Our God, and Our HISTORY. No longer can we stand for what is happening in this nation. It may not be my children's generation or their children's generation, but we need to take a stand NOW. I was just talking to my 5 and 7 year old daughters(both of which admire your paintings every night) on how important Jesus and God are to our history. The topic came up because my oldest stated that she did not know that "In God We Trust" was imprinted onto currency, because they were not taught that. However, they taught why, where, and how it was made, and the history of how we came to our current currency. After we had our chat, she quickly checked her bank and confirmed what I said was true. Even our children know there is an issue in this nation. With that said I wish I lived in Utah and could express my thoughts for you sir, but I am located in Florida and unable to travel. I just read this article and had to say something so you knew that you DO have strong support.

  3. I have this painting hanging in my front room for all to see when they enter my home. What a true painting of our savior Jesus Christ. The center of our government should be centered around the Lord. And to portray the child as our raising generation is so true, we need to teach our children as parents, because as far as the school systems, and the government, our future generations have no chance. Thank you also for the military you placed in this painting, so very fitting! Thank you to our military for keeping us safe, now if our government can do their part......

  4. Divine impression have taken our attention here in Australia where we are given ample warning on a country [USA] that betrays divine principles and gives into economic treason. May you heavenly talents continue to preach sermons of power and simplicity. Im with you friend
    Tony -

  5. I am not real good at this blog stuff. I don't even know if I am in the right place. But I do know Jesus Christ as my savior and I know he's coming back for me. I love One Nation Under God, and Parting the Veil. My name is Melody Gibbons, hope to win !!