The Next Nineteen Months

I talk a lot about the Constitution and the importance of conservative values, but I rarely delve into the fray of politics.  Even my painting “The Forgotten Man” is more about principle than politics.  I watch what is happening and I hope with all my heart that someone will come along that will have what it takes to turn this country around…both economically and morally.  But that would be naïve to expect that a single person could do this.  The moral integrity required to save our country will not come from a single president.  Actually, I think the president we elect is a reflection of our country’s moral situation.  When Americans are apathetic about freedom and vote for a candidate by how much the government will give them; that is a dangerous road.  

What will the next couple of years bring us?  Although President Obama is now low in the polling numbers for popularity, he still has a fair chance to be reelected in 2012.  Clinton faced a similar problem as he prepared to run for his second term.  As you know, I lot of the outcome of the 2012 Election will be determined by how well the Republicans can rally behind a single candidate.  This candidate will have to speak to the heart and soul of the American people.  He must be a conservative, not a moderate like John McKane.  

As I look at the coming nineteen months leading up to this crucial election, I feel that my purpose as an artist will be to wake up as many people to our situation as possible.   Most people are visual learners and I want to express what I believe in a way that is clear and unmistakable.  As Americans, we must protect our liberties as defined in the Constitution and make the kind of responsible choices that will guarantee a future for our children and grandchildren. 

May God help us as we strive to rebuild this country.


  1. Amen and Amen. God's favor on you as you fulfill your hearts desire to awaken the minds of Americans.

  2. Jon,
    I woke up 'too early for me' this morning in my home state. I turned on a classic movie channel. "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" with the legendary James Stewart was about to begin. I watched it again and of course everytime I see it I am struck by how timely this movie from 1940 is. Undeniably THE best movie for all Politicians to watch and really listen too. Many of them should be squirming in their seats while listening to the well written words of this screen play. I'm sure so many politicians have caved in to the likes of BIG Money Machines and Media Institutions, Big Unions, etc. while having their "political careers" paid for in return for who knows what!?. But even more importantly all Americans should watch, listen and learn from this movie. Coruption has been rampant since the beginning of time... BUT AMERICA, we the people, really do have the power with our votes. Don't stay home. Change....and I mean real positive change....can only happen when we the people take a stand and get involved. Votes speak louder than shouting, profanity and violence. It also speaks louder than those big money machines who rule from the side lines. If one chooses not to vote then that one has no right to complain. Let's Take America Back...and stop letting the so-called leaders ruin this country who also claim to speak for ALL Americans. No, they don't speak for me....do they really speak for you? Think about it! (And no...I do not believe what Hollywood tells me). But this movie really gets to the core of what it means to be a good person, a better neighbor, a responsible citizen and talks to us about the examples we are leaving for children, teens, young adults....all to be THE FUTURE LEADERS of this country. Will we teach them? Will we leave them a country to Lead?

  3. Jon, Sometimes you must leave the security of the blanket and make your voice heard. I am a memember of the Silient Generation and never left the blanket until 2008. I now actively support local candidates, and my voice IS being heard. We not only have to replace the president in 2012, but remove many og those in the House and Senate. Maine did in 2010 and change is underway her. Your 'The Forgotten Man" has motivated many more then you may ever know. I has me and I thank you...

  4. Jon I'll be praying unceasingly for God's inspiration to guide you in your work. You bring His light of truth into a dark deceitful age, and for that, you are a blessing to all of us!

    thank you,
    Suzanne Holder

  5. Jon, I commend you and so many others who are willing to take a stand. Persecution is inevitable. I heard it said that people refuse to believe anything like the holocast could happen. Yet, we are allowing those in power to create it once again. Are we just turning our backs? This time it won't be just the Jews who's lives are on the line. IT will be any one who believes in God. Repeating history is the purpose and warning the scriptures gives us. It seems no-one is paying attention to this or miracle of the Constitution, We all could benefit from staying on our knees, and raising our voice. Thank you for your special talents that reminding us to turn to back to him who created us.