Via Dolorosa is Almost Here!

We are just about to release the Via Dolorosa painting!  Currently, we are finishing up the video and I'm putting final touches on the interactive website to help explain the painting.  The main idea of this painting is to get people thinking about what it means to be a "true Christian."  What do you think is a true Christian?  This painting has over one hundred figures from history that left their footprint on Christianity.  The video will give a good idea of the point I'm trying to make.  I think it will certainly cause people to think.

To view the preview video click here.


  1. To me being a Christian means always having good thoughts, conveying those to people who want to hear, never judging a book by its cover and being able to let go and let God.

  2. Being a Christian means believing that god sent Jesus here to die for our sins and believing He is our savior is the only path to heaven.

  3. Very well said Derek...I believe most of us know he is our savior and certainly our pathway to heaven. There are so many more things we have to do to be a good Christain...we can believe all we want but if we don't practice it in everyday life we fail Jesus...I see a lot of people who go to church, and say they are Christains but they don't practice it in everyday life.

  4. Learning to live by faith is a daily walk with the Lord!!! Choosing to do God's divine will other than our will and praying sincerely in prayer will grasp the divine arm of God!!! Pray always for God's divine protection for you and family is very important!!! As it says in Ephesians 6:13, Putting on the full armor of God, so the devil and his minions cannot get a foothold into your life!!!

  5. Having him for a best friend so when you make a decision we ask, what would Jesus do. Knowing we would give any possession to know him including the very essence of how we see ourselves and our "earthly labels". Knowing that he is above all; parents, children, spouse, peers, self, employer...he is our all...
    Knowing him so well that you know when to speak and when to be still.
    Of course, this is a process but truly those who would be true followers will be asked to face these questions I believe.