What Would Happen If...

What would happen if political correctness became unpopular and people said what they really thought?

What would happen if racism only inspired images of white supremacists, Klu Klux Klan and Black Panthers and NOT every nuance under the sun?  And people just stopped being so sensitive and blaming skin color for every societal problem.

What would happen if news organizatons actually just gave the news without trying to persuade the public’s opinion.

What would happen if we ended the war on drugs and only prosecuted those who infringed on other's rights?

What would happen if we no longer had winner take all Electoral College methods used for tallying state elector votes?

What would happen if the US Supreme. Court could only comment on the constitutionality of cases and Congress would decide whether it was constitutional?

What would happen if gay rights had no effect on Christian families or institutions and the laws only affect the tax benefits? Would Christians no longer feel threatened?

What would happen if State Senators were elected by the State Legistlation as it was before the 17th Amendment and lobbying was illegal and there were term limits?

What would happen if we made education completely controlled by the state and community with no federal government involvement?

What would happen if we just told all Social Security recipients that we will pay back what they put in and end the panzi scheme for good?

What would happen if we brought all the troops home from Afghanistan and used the money to secure the borders?

What would happen if violent crime were punished in such a way that the offender would shudder at the  thought of ever doing it?

What would happen if non-profit status only applied to charitable organizations and churches?

What would happen if all federal regulations were dissolved and businesses were simply accountable to their employees and patrons for any wrong doing?

What would happen if Government completely kept their nose out of all healthcare issues and people could make their own decisions?

What would happen if the US Treasury started to print Treasury Notes and the Federal Reserve was concluded to be unconstitutional?  And we no longer borrowed money from other countries to fund our debt?
If all the above were to occur how would it effect America?  Would we be better off having made those changes or kicking the can further down the road?