Renee' asked me the following question:

"I know this is personal, but curious if you would answer.  Do you have a candidate in mind to vote for?  I am very confused about my decision of who to vote for.  Just like last time, I find myself looking at the people running for office, and I am tormented to make the right choice.  Would respect your input!!"  

My response:


Ron Paul is the most constitutional, (which I really like) but the least political.  Some may say that is an asset, but I'm afraid he would have a difficult time getting things done with all the obstacles he would face in Washington.  

Each of the other candidates have something of value and something that makes me doubt.  I keep having debates with my son about voting for Ron Paul.  We talk about the issues of Iran, abortion, illegal immigration.  If I lined up each candidate based on how they meet my personal ideals, Paul is first.  But then there is the argument: is the goal to vote based on ideals or to vote to "remove" Obama and begin the process of reviving our country?  I think Paul may only get the strongly conservative voters.  

When all is said and done, I will vote based on my conscious.

I would be interested in any strong arguments why I should vote for any particular candidate.  This I know...Obama must be voted out of office!